Big Bad: Opie Cooper’s Monster Film: Film Review

Big Bad Film Details

Director: Opie Opie Cooper, Daniel Dauphin, Beth Kander. "Big Bad"

Writer(s): Opie Cooper, Daniel Dauphin, Beth Kander

Release Date: August 2, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy


A playful nod to 80’s adventure films that finds a group of kids spending the night in an abandoned jail for a school fundraiser. Things take a chilling turn when their chaperone vanishes just as a vicious beast attacks.


Big Bad starts out with a semi-chilling premise. A slew of college-aged adults gets together for a late night of fun, partying, and drinks.

The fun takes a drastic turn after a brief game of “Truth Or Dare”. In fulfilling a dare the character Charity  goes on a ghost hunt in the woods. There she finds the Marion Marion County Jailhouse ghosts

She drags Kyle along with her, with some obvious juvenile flirting. After heeding her advances, Rusty assaults Kyle. Rusty, who, unbeknownst to him, is Charity’s over-protective, social reject older brother. The conflict between the two awakens the ghost of the Marion County Jailhouse. Slaughter ensues.

Cut to the present day; it’s the Anniversary of the Jailhouse Massacre. Professor Howell is throwing a school fundraiser. The event will have select students spend the evening inside of the jail. How fun! That is until plans take a slight turn. A giant beast descends upon the group of young adults.

The group manages to escape their jail cells, luckily. Professor Howell makes a startling confession. He’s been hunting the beast for years and that plans to trap and showcase it to the world. Opie Cooper, Daniel Dauphin, Beth Kander Big Bad
Ainsley Bailey, Madeline Thelton


Big Bad is definitely a great idea. The plot captures your attention. I love Horror from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, as they are some of the best decades in the circuit.

My favorite Horror themes are Monsters, Werewolves, and all sorts of giant grotesque creatures. So, I approached this film with the expectation of a great time.


As capturing as the plot is, the execution is not as intriguing. First , the effects were cheesy. That has to be the cheesiest Sasquatch I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen even more terrifying monsters from the 60’s. This monster reminded me of something from a Goosebumps show.

The performances were just as cheesy as the effects. I felt like I was watching your typical B-movie filled with cliches left and right.

When I watch a monster movie (unless it’s DisneyPixar, or Goosebumps), I expect some kind of terror. Other than a couple of surprise jump scenes, Big Bad has mediocre scares. Opie Cooper, Daniel Dauphin, Beth Kander Big Bad
The Monster Brad Bishop

In conclusion

Big Bad isn’t terrible, however, it’s of mediocre value. There is a decent amount of violence, but most of it is not shown. There is one semi-gory scene close to the end. It has enough violence and adult content to not be suitable for children.

This film shows more like a retro 60’s movie than an 80’s movie. Where you hear the screams, but you don’t see the body. The screen just draws a blank, and it’s on to the next scene.

I’m a little conflicted. I’m not sure if Big Bad was being cheesy and mediocre with intent. Did production fell through the crack somewhere?  When viewing the film, I thought of a modern-day 60’s throwback. I’m stuck somewhere in the middle of the spectrum towards this film.

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