Big Legend, Creature Feature Draws Emphasizes Typical Plot

Big Legend Film Details Big Legend Justin Lee

Director:  Justin Lee

Writer:  Justin Lee

Release Date: 3 July 2018 (USA)

Release Format:

MPAA Rating: VOD

Genre: Action, Thriller

Running Time: 89 minutes

Website: Vega baby


An ex-soldier ventures into the Pacific Northwest to uncover the truth behind his fiance’s disappearance.


Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the beef jerky eating humanoid creature has had a growth in popularity in Horror cinema. Over the past two years, we’ve assessed the similarly themed films; Primal Rage, Hunting Grounds, and Hoax. This does not include the many independent releases featuring the elusive grizzly antagonist. The recent stream toward one specific cryptozoological creature may cripple its creative welcome sooner rather than later. With the many films distributed under this creature feature umbrella, the narrative may seem predictable and dull.

Filmmaker Justin Lee adds his translation to this overloaded market with his latest film Big Legend. Let ‘s delve into a closer exploration of his interpretation of Bigfoot as a nefarious force. Justin Lee Big Legend


The elaborate wooded backdrop with its connotation of trepidation and remoteness is a universal strand to every Bigfoot Horror film. In the instance of Big Legend Lee fascinates the spectator with calibrated camera angels. Part National Geographic visual expedition, part mood, and tension, Big Legend has a feel of both worlds. Lee sets the relevant tone while guiding the viewer through the visual narrative. Part of the success of this visual narrative is in part by Cinematographer Adrian M. Pruett.

The performances exhibited in Big Legend were commendable yet not comfortable to satisfy emotional content. It is fair to include that Lee’s film does not propose a run-of-the-mill B-Movie style of acting. Yet, audiences will divert from the protagonist and his crusade against the unknown. The obstacle exists in the script where a generic conflict lives and diminishes any significance of evolution with the essential figure. Also, ACT I and a significant measure of ACT II feels overwhelmed with a slow boiling presentation. Why was the protagonist incarcerated in a psychiatric institution for one year? What was the legal turn of circumstance that contributed to this arrangement? Lee left questions unanswered. Justin Lee Big Legend

Big Legend does not produce a redefining theme, and that is expected by the flux of films that delve into the same topic, structure, and evolution. With that regard, neither does the man versus nature and man versus the unknown narrative structure lead. Big Legend has a strong appeal with the survival theme, and this develops into the interesting component of Lee’s film. As a Thriller the set-ups and fright factor are acceptable. Gore and blood are not in this feature film and its omission is acceptable.

The scare factor is fair to please Horror enthusiasts yet subtle to draw casual viewers of the genre. For practical effects, broken bones, and lesions are the features but the creature design lacks in this model. Interpreting Bigfoot in this film is anything but an intimidating appeal.

In Conclusion:

Big Legend is a satisfactory narrative of a cryptozoological creature. While Bigfoot is an overused concept Lee portrayed his own story with success. It is unfortunate but the mass releases of themed films have worn out this topic in Horror cinema. Justin Lee Big Legend



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