Billionaire Ransom: Trailer Review

Billionaire Ransom Film Details Alexander Ignon's Billionaire Ransom

Director: Jim Gillespie

Writer: Alexander Ignon

Release Date: August 19, 2016

Release Format: Theatrical

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Thriller


An action thriller of monetary proportions, BILLIONAIRE RANSOM follows a group of over-privileged, out-of-control young adults who have been sent by their frustrated, billionaire parents to a tough-love wilderness school on a remote island off the coast of Scotland.

Kyle (Jeremy Sumpter) and Amy (Phoebe Tonkin) find themselves in this group as a last opportunity for them to take responsibility for their own lives and abandon their reckless ways, or risk being disinherited.

Suddenly, a group of mercenaries led by Billy Speck (Ed Westwick) invade the island and hold the privileged lot hostage for the largest ransom in history: one billion dollars. When Kyle learns they are all to be killed even if the ransom is paid, their wilderness survival training is the only hope of outwitting the mercenaries and staying alive.

Trailer Summary Alexander Ignon's Billionaire RansomThe Billionaire Ransom trailer opens up in upbeat fast pace. A couple is driving along a road, with the woman seducing him. He loses focus and gets into an accident. The same young man is being punished for his careless actions.

The words “A Place To Reform The Children Of The World’s Elite” flashes on the screen. We see scenes of a secluded island. A group of young adults is held “prisoner” on this island. Kind of like a boot camp. They are to adhere to strict policies, and they will have consequences for their choices.

Things get intense when the group of young adults goes from being students, to prisoners. The crew of the school contacts their parents and warn them that their children are being held for ransom.

The words “To Stay Alive Enemies Must Become Allies” flash on the screen with interjecting scenes of battle and struggle. The trailer ends with Billionaire Ransom.


Billionaire Ransom is a new idea to me. As I watch the trailer, I think that I have not seen this idea very often in horror cinema.

A group of privileged young adults that live wealthy lives is sent to a reform school on a secluded island. Kind of like a boot camp for kids with behavioral problems. Soon, the kids discover the devious intentions of the people who run the school.

The kids are turned into prisoners and are abducted for ransom. They come together to fight their abductors and save their lives.

Billionaire Ransom looks like a high action-packed Suspense-Thriller. The plot is very interesting, and the trailer is intriguing. It has that “the predators become the prey” and “the hunters become the hunted” feel to it.

The Cast

Jeremy Sumpter

Phoebe Tonkin

Ed Westwick

Dominic Sherwood

Elliot Knight

Sebastian Koch

Billionaire Ransom releases in theaters August 19, 2016.


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