Black Cat, The. Delivers A Breathtaking Story With Visuals, Score

Black Cat, The. Film, The Black Cat, Bhargav Saikia

Director: Bhargav Saikia

Writer: Ruskin Bond (story), Bhargav Saikia (screenplay)

Release Date: November 14th, 2017

Release Format: Online

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Fantasy

Running Time: 22 min


A black cat and a mysterious woman by the name of Miss Bellows show up at Mr. Bond’s quaint cottage after he brings home an old broomstick from an antique shop.


The Black Cat is a fantasy short film written and directed by Bhargav Saikia and it is based on the short story by Ruskin Bond, which is the lead character of the film. Saikia had this to say about his film:

“The whole experience of making The Black Cat was an absolute joy, It was a dream come true for me to collaborate with legendary writer Ruskin Bond, who has always been an inspiration and an integral part of my growing up years. I strongly believe The Black Cat will appeal to younger audiences as well as adults.”

Bhargav Saikia The Black Cat Director, Writer

I was excited to write this review after reading the press release and an interview with the director. The film doesn’t disappoint, it actually surprises a lot and it’s adapted to all audiences. The Black Cat is electric and you’ll love it.

Cast includes:

Tom Alter … as Mr. Bond

Shernaz Patel … as Miss Bellows

Uday Chandra … as Jaffer, The Black Cat, Bhargav Saikia


Actor Tom Alter portrays Mr. Bond, as Ruskin Bond, the writer of the short story based on The Black Cat. I read online that this was his latest film since he passed away recently. Alter is remarkable and natural as you can imagine playing a novelist that struggles to write his latest novel but keeps being disturbed by a peculiar cat.

The performances all around by the three actors are excellent, Patel plays wonderfully Miss Bellows as the eccentric woman who demands her cat back from Mr. Bond, who gladly invites her to come in, not recognizing the menace behind Miss Bellows, the cat, and the broomstick. Yes, there’s even a broomstick. A beautiful broomstick that Mr. Bond found in an antique vintage shop, where we meet the owner – Chandra’s character, Jaffer. Chandra plays Jaffer beautifully as well.

While watching these characters intertwine, you can feel a bit lost and you ask yourself whether they are actually acting or not. The three performances stand out in a 22-minute long film but they’re not the sole factor that truly puts this film as one of the most charming and visually stunning pieces of art., The Black Cat, Bhargav Saikia

The use of warm colors throughout the film and the amazing settings with astonishing decorations bring light and happiness to this bizarre and fun yet intense short. Saikia does an admirable job keeping the eye of the viewer interested and you almost feel at home, cozy and relaxed. Colors may help the viewing and while occasionally they can be overused as an aesthetic point of view to cover up the lack of storytelling, here this isn’t the case. Saikia knows what he’s doing, and he clearly proves us what a true filmmaker is by sharing different fields of emotions throughout the screen, either with clean visuals and proper camera work or with an amazing soundtrack.

The score… what can I say that can describe how much love I felt listening to it. The Black Cat reminded me of some great filmmakers such as Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Wong Kar-Wai, and Wes Anderson. They share a different and vast filmography but they have an eye to visually capture the moment as Saikia did with The Black Cat.

If you haven’t watched In the Mood For Love by Wong Kar-Wai, you should. This film can be a lesson of perfection. I’m not saying The Black Cat is the best short of the year, but it sure feels close to it! You’re definitely having fun while watching it and it can certainly play a role in front of younger audiences. It can be tricky to manage to maintain the film in a light, though heavy mood and adapted to everyone. Saikia did it and it feels fit., The Black Cat, Bhargav Saikia

In Conclusion:

The Black Cat is a discovery! It’s fresh, authentic, fun, delicate and it can be viewed by younger audiences. There’s a catch, you might think, but be cognizant that everyone can have a proper analysis for The Black Cat, and although I didn’t feel scared or anxious while watching it, it definitely has an old-school atmosphere near the end and it just feels right. You need to watch it, just stop reading this and press play.