Blood Bride, Female-Driven Short Raises Blood Donor Awareness


Blood Bride Horror Short A Spotlight on Women in Horror

Blood Bride Film Details 

Director: Michelle Romano

Writer: Corey Tourigny

Release Date: February 19th, 2018

Release Format: YouTube

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror Short

Running Time: 14 Min.


Blood Bride tells the story of a husband going the extra mile to save his wife’s life, even if it means risking his own. Director: Michelle Romano Writer: Corey Tourigny Blood Bride
Photos by Camille Constantin Fadl


Blood Bride is a fourteen minute horror film invested under a dark comedy tone. The film releases via Roman Media Inc. and marks the directorial debut for Actress, Producer, Writer Michelle Romano. Besides her directorial duties Romano served as Producer and portrays the lead role.

Blood Bride becomes one of several Horror short films curated by Jen and Sylvia Soska (The Soska Sisters) and developed for the 2018 Annual Massive Blood Drive PSA. This yearly campaign are informative and raises awareness on the value of becoming a blood donor.

Here are addition highlights for Romano’s inagural film release.

Blood Bride coincides with and extends honor to Women in Horror Month, celebrated in February. This female-driven production features a roster of talent spanning the independent Horror film scene. Below is a break down of the cast and crew presented from the official press release. Director: Michelle Romano Writer: Corey Tourigny Blood Bride
Photos by Camille Constantin Fadl



Chris Clancy

Cristina Malavenda.

Associate Producer:

Camille Fadl.

Key Makeup & Hair:

Kimberly Shawn Geier


Special FX Makeup

Cindy Cullom

Tessa Philbrick

Blood Bride releases on the 19th of February via YouTube, exclusively on the Soska Sisters official channel.

First Impressions

The trailer for Blood Bride serves as an appetizer for the main course, its arrival on the 19th of February. Although this promotional video has a running time of twenty-six (26) seconds it is adequate enough of time to interest for the viewer. The opening frame encapsulates the plot of the film and builds with random clips that follow. The focus in this trailer centers on a distraught husband and his comatose wife. With the latter, am assuming the wife is comatose this may no be the case.

A life and death choice is at risk taking the film into a lugubrious state. This presentation contradicts the dark comedy definition provided in the official press release. There’s something ominous at play and it involves the attending physician. The trailer hints on devious actions committed, whether these are fragments of the imagination or a real life situation remains to be explore in the film. A sequence of scantly clad nurses partake in a disoriented dream-like manner. From my viewpoint it was challenging to follow the Horror element with these gorgeous women arresting my attention.

Stay tuned to our upcoming review of Blood Bride.



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