Blood Sisters Bring Back Witchcraft Friendship and Bloody Fun

Blood Sisters Film Details Caitlin Koller and Lachlan Smith Blood Sisters


Caitlin Koller

Lachlan Smith

Writer: Hannah White

Release Date: 2017MPAA Rating: N/A

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 11 min

Release Format: Film Festivals

Halloween International Film Festival,

American Horror Film Festival

Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival

Sick ’n’ Wrong Film Festival

Dead Witch Film Festival

Frostbiter: Icelandic Horror Film Festival

Ax Wound Film Festival

2017 Horror Shorts Film Festival


Amateur witchcraft conjures up bloody consequences…

1. Overview:

Blood Sisters is a short film written by Hannah White and directed by Caitlin Koller and Lachlan Smith (White and Koller are the two creators of White Koller Crime Productions). It tells the story about two girlfriends Steph and Amanda bonding, drinking wine, watching TV while conjuring witchcraft by being “blood sisters”. They cut each other’s palms while chanting (and screaming) “Blood to blood, Sister to sister”.

Obviously, they think it’s just silly and that creating a ritual would be fun and twisted for them to bond and connect but what they didn’t know is that it works and while they’re having their little party, they won’t be able to leave the house and they’ll bleed out uncontrollably. Will they be able to stop? You must check out this amazing short because it’s fun, witty and a love story for modern pop culture.


2. Impressions Caitlin Koller and Lachlan Smith Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters should have 100% on final score just by mentioning Sarah Michelle Gellar and her 90’s horror stardom. She is still my favorite Scream Queen. I loved her underrated performance in I Know What You Did Last Summer and how Helen Shivers had one of the best chase scenes ever. Anyway, geeky aside, mentioning her was definitely a nostalgia moment and I’m happy I watched it without knowing it.

Big shout out for the writer, the dialogues are amazing and well written in Blood Sisters and as a result; the performances are natural. The two leads keep the viewer invested till the end and I add, the film is all about them; they are in every single frame. That’s intense if you think about it, but it works here, extremely well. They interact as one and their actions are funny, gross and intimate! You root for them, for their friendship, for their bond, and for their survival.

It’s difficult to go into detail because I don’t want to spoil anything away. The story revolves around these two characters and their moments of survival and interaction while they’re trying to solve the mystery behind their wounds and why they are always reopening and bleeding out. They know the possibility of their fate and they even turn against each other. The writer and directors worked flawlessly at keeping the pace as intact as possible and the comic relief is on point in such tight space and run time.

The two leads are funny and engaging and they’ll blow your minds out. There are cringe scenes where you wouldn’t like to be at their place but it’s so fun to watch and to laugh out loud at their dialogues and movie and TV references. It’s insane how much respect I have for the creators behind this short. I’ve loved every single moment.

The film doesn’t have a large amount of score, only to emphasize the title in the beginning though there’s a full song performed by Kathleen Mary Lee during the final credits called  Hey Very Good Friend that translates the film in its full form and doesn’t disappoint.

3. In Conclusion

If you’re into something new, fresh, quirky, fun and gory, please step in and enjoy the show. Blood Sisters is a damn good time.

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