Blossom. Thomas’ New Short A Tremendous Gift For The Eyes, Blossom, Natacha Thomas

Blossom. Short Film details.

Director: Natacha Thomas

Writer: Natacha Thomas

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror/Fantasy/Short

Running Time: 8 mins


“He promised he’d dance with me if I brought him a red rose,” … “But there’s not one in this whole garden.” Based on The nightingale and The rose by Oscar Wilde.


Blossom is the new fantasy short written and directed by Natacha Thomas. You might remember Red Tale that I reviewed a while ago, about the story of Blue Beard and his unpredictable prey…

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In Blossom, Thomas concentrates on another short story, this time by Oscar Wilde called The Nightingale and The Rose.


Nephael as The Rose

Stéphane Coulon as The Nightingale


I watched Blossom two days ago when Natacha Thomas contacted me to review her movie. I was shocked by the suggestion because I was following the project coming to life on her social media and I was intrigued by it. Blossom blew me away as Red Tale did a while ago. So I decided to watch it again, and again… and here we are, still stunned by it.

Thomas is a visionary. Her movies come from within, you can feel her appetite for Art. As an artist, you are more sensitive than other people. You normally earn more emotions from films, music – and any form of art, undoubtedly – on a distinct scale. You’re gifted that way. Thomas is an artist and the way she portrays a story with body language, lighting, color grading, and music is astonishing. Blossom is perfect on its own way, it’s like you’re opening a box full of heart and colors that leave you breathless with a bitter taste in your mouth., Blossom, Natacha Thomas

Thomas’ Red Tale and Blossom have a lot in common. More than the narrative itself… Blossom works like a spin-off of Red Tale. I mean, it’s in the same world. I don’t know if Thomas will stay in that fantasy world in the near future, but I love the idea of intertwining past personal movies with new ones. In Blossom, Rose will sacrifice everything to dance with Blue Beard while in Red Tale, Red Riding Hood meets up with Blue Beard for a dance. Red Tale’s cinematography focused on Red and Blue as the main colors, and in Blossom, there are some elements attached to it, yet its primary colors are Red and Green, just like a red rose…

While all these elements make Blossom live in the same world of Red Tale, the more important thing that I personally think is a signature move from Thomas is female empowerment. Both shorts explore this subject and bring so much life, power and a breath of fresh air on filmmaking. It’s wonderful to look at two forceful characters being explored in such an exquisite yet twisted storytelling. It makes me crave to start to write and direct new movies. Thank you, Thomas, for this wonderful ride, I can’t wait to see what you create next., Blossom, Natacha Thomas

Closing Thoughts

The title Blossom fits the movie very well. It’s about power and sacrifice. The music will recall you of A Nightmare On Elm Street and the cinematography will leave you at the same state as watching love stories from Wong Kar-wai. Definitely worth a watch on its own and then re-watch it with Red Tale. You’ll love it!


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