Bonejangles, Blends Variations of Comedy and Horror

Bonejangles Film Brett DeJager, Keith Melcher, Wild Eye Releasing. Bonejangles

Director: Brett DeJager

Writer: Keith Melcher

Release Date: July 18, 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour, 18 Minutes


While transporting the legendary serial killer Bonejangles to an asylum, a group of police officers break down in a town cursed with demonic zombies. The only way they can survive the night and save the town is to release Bonejangles to help them fight the curse, with something much worse.


Bonejangles released on Redbox and Video On Demand on July 18, 2017. The Comedy, Horror is released by Wild Eye Releasing.

The cast stars

Bonejangles (portrayed by Keith Melcher) is a brutal killer, invincible against conventional methods. After reporting to be on the loose, a group of amateur cops goes on a mission to catch the killer. After catching him, the officials must transport him to an asylum at a different town. A legend of a succubus curses this area.

This mission leads the crew into a run-in with zombies and the vengeful succubus. This proves to be their biggest battle. Even bigger than the legendary serial killer. To break the curse on the town and free the residents from the succubus’ reign, friend and foe must kill her. Director: Brett DeJager  Writer: Keith Melcher Bonejangles


The cinematography is clear and crisp. It sticks to standard filming and lighting, with the contrast of day and night in appropriate scenes. The camera angles seem to always stay in a central angle and focused on the spotlighted subject. There are no high or low angles.

Bonejangles plays more like a spoof. I spot a few different films. The flashbacks Bonejangles has of his father, Edgar Sr. (portrayed by Reggie Bannister) reminds me of the flashbacks Jason Voorhees would have of his mother in the Friday the 13th movies. The costume of the killer, the mask to be more specific, reminds me of the mask used in Headless. Arthur Cullipher, Nathan Erdel, Todd Rigney. Headless
Headless, Arthur Cullipher, 2015

What sets Bonejangles apart is it’s mediocre, comedic nature. In normal circumstances, mediocrity would not be a good thing for cinema, however, it works in its favor in this film. This is equivalent to films such as Scary Movie and I Know What You Did Last Summer, but with a heavy Country tone.

The Makeup and Special Effects crew do a good job with the costume selections. The main characters in the film are Bonejangles, the succubus, Rowena (portrayed by Elissa Dowling), and the zombies. Simplicity to detail goes to the rest of the cast’s costumes. Bonejangles’ costume is well thought out. Although it is familiar, the mask has a great amount of detail to it. I suspect the Bonejangles character to be the Jason Voorhees of the Country.

Even though Rowena a Succubus, her costume, makeup, and character is more equivalent to that of a Witch. In fact, the two terms get thrown around in the film. Almost as if it wasn’t set in stone, what she was. It’s also interesting that Rowena never changes her form as most Succubus’ do. So, here is a refreshing take on the soul-sucking creature in cinema. Speaking of soul-sucking, another point of interest is that Rowena differs slightly from what a Succubus’ is. Perhaps, this is that comedic twist to the creature.

The score offers a selection of fun, upbeat songs and instrumentals in the opening and closing scenes, and dramatic theatrical sounds scattered throughout the duration of the film. The music also has a heavy Country nature to it. Director: Brett DeJager  Writer: Keith Melcher Bonejangles

Normally, cast performances such as these would be mediocre, and this is the case. However, given the film and it’s purpose, this makes the performances decent. Keith Melcher does a great job as Bonejangles. He puts on a very intimidating performance of a cold-hearted serial killer. Elissa Dowling acts well as the Succubus. She has the dark and morbid demeanor as her character should have. The zombies are a nice added feature. This scene added more excitement to the film.

For a spoof, the special effects are awesome. The violence and kill scenes are somewhat brutal for this film’s nature. Spoofs are tamer in the violence, so this was refreshing and it balances out the comedy and lack of scare effects.

Bonejangles is an entertaining cinematic experience filled with frequent laughs. Spoofs are comedic, and this film hits the right tones. Director: Brett DeJager  Writer: Keith Melcher Bonejangles


The scare factor is minimal. There are a few jumps scare scenes, but overall, the effects drained by the comedy. However, Bonejangles is a scary character himself, so this adds a little spice to the sugar.

In Conclusion

To celebrate the of Bonejangles, Wild Eye Releasing has released four new video clips. Along with new trailers, stills, and poster art. In the clips, you will notice the Friday the 13th references I mentioned earlier. The new official movie poster art is very effective as opposed to the recent renditions. The close-up of the villain’s face gives off a creepy vibe. You can also see the amazing detail is in the mask.

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