Bong of the Living Dead, Zombie Parody Up in Smoke?

Bong of the Living Dead Film Details Bong of the Living Dead Max Groah, Tim Mayo

Director: Max Groah

Writer: Max Groah, Tim Mayo

Release Date: 20 October 2017 (USA)

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy, Horror

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A group of friends and zombie movie buffs have their life long dream come true. As their provisions run low, reality begins to set in and they realize that the zombie apocalypse isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Zombies and comedy establish an amusing film concept. Bong of the Living Dead becomes the latest release to depart from the gloom and doom post-apocalyptic scenario. We reviewed, In recent weeks, a similar zombie parody concept in Attack Of The Southern Fried Zombies.

Bong of the Living Dead also features weed as part of its narrative. This has also evolved into a popular topic in Horror cinema. Perhaps marijuana use is a new hip approach targeting a particular age demographic. It wasn’t long ago we featured a weed/slasher narrative in 4/20 Massacre. Screenwriters Max Groah, Tim Mayo have high hopes with their fusion of zombies and marijuana, pun intended. In fact, Groah and Mayo’s indie comedy, Horror, secured the following commendations;

Nightmares Film Festival


Best Director Feature
Max Groah




Nightmares Film Festival


Best Actor Feature
Daniel Alan Kiely

Best Horror Comedy Feature
Max Groah

Best Ohio Feature
Max Groah

Official selections at;

HorrorHound Film Festival

Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival

Am an enthusiast of Horror concepts and an advocate for the legalization of marijuana. Yet, there is a 50/50 track record mixing weed and Horror concepts. Sometimes, the strain is a nice complement of laughs and fright in others, it is a dud bud. My interest was piqued on Bong of the Living Dead. Bong of the Living Dead Max Groah, Tim Mayo


Bong of the Living Dead is basic at its finest with its quirky humor, standard dialogue, and constrained practical effects. Films such as this garner a considerable following and most times become cult-classics. From the torrent of comedy infused zombie films getting high acknowledgment is slim, another pun. The performances in Bong of the Living Dead are entertaining, sufficient for its proposed creative orientation.

For a general appraisal, the cast portrays lackluster B-Movie quality, the action that some loath and others praise. For individuals such as myself, we prefer stronger performances and characters. In fact, the actors appear older than the fictional counterparts they depict.

Another negative in Bong of the Living Dead is the stereotyped stoner. The sixties have long passed yet filmmakers continue to implement this stigma toward marijuana connoisseurs and it is not humorous. Diversification is a key and with its all Caucasian cast, Bong of the Living Dead falls short in this section. Bong of the Living Dead Max Groah, Tim Mayo

With its approach to set design, lighting and many camera angles the cinematography seemed basic. The simplicity functioned well in this example. Those intimate with videography and/or photography will see some superb examples using the rule of thirds. Groah places subjects concentrated on the foreground while unfolding conflict evolves within the background. For comedy, this technique works well.

With parodies am expecting laughs and incidents that invoke a “what the fuck” reaction. With or without the influence of a nice blunt Bong of the Living Dead accomplishes little to attract laughter. In fact, the action-oriented arrangements progress within the latter section of ACT II. Even then, the man versus the undead factor does not address excitement. For most of the film, audiences watch as a group of stoners accomplish what they do well, smoke weed, being lazy, rinse, wash and repeat. Weak comedy and scenes from the advancing zombie holocaust become interwoven throughout this stretch of drug use. Bong of the Living Dead Max Groah, Tim Mayo

In conclusion

The narrative fails to present characters that allow audiences to connect with. The practical effects were decent in delivery but not polished with horror perspective. I perceived no redefining elements in Bong of the Living Dead. For originality, Groah’s film nears the synopsis and bears a close parallel to the 2011 Comedy, Horror directed and written by Thomas Newman. In a crowded zombie apocalyptic platform, the measured narrative and technique are difficult to evade. Innovative substance and creative portrayals are why few entries are adequate to stand out from the stream.

Bong of the Living Dead addresses audiences that enjoy zombie films in its many forms. The shock factor and amusing may look dull to this critic, but many would find satisfaction with its weed-centric, undead element.


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