Box, Multi-Dimensional Short Expresses Raw Emotion

Box Film Details Lee Thongkham Box

Director: Lee Thongkham 

Writer: Lee Thongkham

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror Short

Running Time: 30 Minutes

Social Networking: Facebook


BOx is a psychological horror thriller about a lonely man who has accidentally committed a murder. panicked and fear-stricken the man dumps the body and rushes home only to find a large ominous Box waiting on his front doorstep. Box is an intense nonstop thriller that always keeps you guessing and focuses on tension, emotion, and atmosphere to tell the story as opposed to cheap jump scares.


Horror occupies many constructs to convey emotional content. By far Horror is a genre that addresses a broader spectrum of ideas than any other genre. Filmmakers, content creators in the independent field eye the individual forms of Horror to entice, excite and exploit reactions from the audience.

Filmmaker Lee Thongkham in his latest release expresses an idea in Horror that apprehends emotion and attention. The thirty (30) minute short bears a modest title, Box. Yet, incorporated within is the potent-man act that dives into atonement, woe, and anguish. Lee Thongkham Box


Clear in Thongkham’s production is the unique case of freshness and redefining attributes. This quality is in the narrative, visual form, and timbre to his presentation. On the surface, viewers will observe an account of mystery and the supernatural. Underneath the obvious is a storyline that fosters different analyses. Box is a well put together film with a strong drama and a tormented character will level of complexities.

Thongkham’s film carries a Shakespearean vibe with well-placed smoke and mirrors. Box is a suitable example of what can be achieved, production wise, with a basic approach, a small budget, and zero jump scares. Some filmmakers conclude it is imperative to have the most grotesque CGI creature or events of gore. In fact, it is the tragedy that advertises the production. Box success with the latter.

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An Asian Horror aesthetic best sums the cinematography and eerie atmosphere presented in Box. The film transitions with a smooth synthesis of black and white color filters to a dark blue tint and less subtle but moody hues. This post edit work offers the viewer a melancholic state with trepidation trampling each fleeting minute. I was most impressed with the way Thongkham presents the box, this inanimate object function as a supporting role in the film. Actor Jimmy Dempster performs his character around the squared enigma and conflicts surrounding this case. As the title of the film implies, the box is the ruling star of this Horror tale. Yet, unlike other films that depict haunting trinkets with elaborate flair Thongkham opted for a ghost story tension. Lee Thongkham Box

In one scene something sinister emanates from this apparatus. The viewer will soon learn what this mysterious entity represents. For this effect, Thongkham places the camera focus on the frightened protagonist while a depth of field blur identifying qualities in the backdrop.

Jimmy Dempster has distinguishment for his action intensive roles as the antagonist and protagonist. In Box Dempster exhibits a muted yet gripping intensity. Dempster pulls no punches in his translation of a man descending into a dissociative state. Although his lines are few, it is the actions convey the story. The accompanying voiceover presented by mid-way in ACT II underlines the psychological trauma based on judgments of a convicted man. This character structure paints the many trivial, less threatening transgressions persons encounter in their everyday lives. Whether it may be a separation or an accident, Box provides an authoritative comment on raw human Lee Thongkham Box

The plot while impactful lacked key factors to clarify details. For instance, the opening minutes to ACT I can have a literal interpretation and if so who were the masked assailants. On the alternative front of the coin, figuratively these characters develop with key flashback episodes. It is this creative context that needs catering to the average viewer. With that said Box has in its possession has an artistic flair that does not comply with basic instant gratification story structure. This tactic may or may not address casual moviegoers. A longer running time would aid in fleshing out Dempster’s character. I also want to know more about the elementary characters involved.

In Closing

Box does not have gimmicky jump scares, in its place are strategic mood and suspense. As mentioned, these are elements often encountered in popular Asian Horror films. This is a technique I appreciate and seeing an original viewpoint on this style makes Box even more entertaining. With special and practical effects these visuals did not find a dominant part in Thongkham’s film. Again, by avoiding too much eye candy Box can conform to different genres with efficiency.

Box will make its way into film festival circulation in the 2018 calendar year.



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