Burn Incinerates With Psychological Thriller Twist

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Judson Vaughan       


Chris Barnes…(screenplay)

Chris Barnes…(story)

Judson Vaughan…(screenplay)

Release Date: 27 May 2017 (UK)

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating:

Genre: Short, Horror, Thriller

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Running Time:


In the midst of national hysteria and incomprehensible personal tragedy, a child is born bearing the scars of other people’s sins.


DecayMag.com Chris Barnes Judson Vaughan Burn
Matti Kolirin in Burn (2017)


Burn is a Horror short film that holds the viewer on a fifteen-minute psychological thriller campaign. The lure and selling point for this production is the mysterious circumstances that unravel at a moderate-burning pace. Pun Intended. A young couple and their child are the focus of a significant controversy, a secrecy that draws an unsettling twist. While the developments were of importance, I noticed the backstory to the characters to be lacking substance. The shadowy secret concerning the young couple required intensity. Ample clues aided with the narrative core but the process and its link to the protagonists to it felt lax.

Motives and initiatives are also missing ingredients for the slate of characters. These idiosyncrasies are essential weighing factors for audiences to relate better to the roles. Identifying more about the young couple would’ve played the situation better in the third and final act.

DecayMag.com Chris Barnes Judson Vaughan Burn
Max Cavenham, Emma Kelly in Burn (2017)

Actors Max Cavenham, Emma Kelly, and Matti Kolirin encompass the central cast to the short film Burn. Audiences will become rewarded with plausibility presented by the actors. Furthermore, Burn does not promote the dreaded B-Movie acting as part of its presentation. Although having brief screen time child actor Matti Kolirin captures the spotlight for his key contribution to the narrative. Kolirin adds a sense of innocence that draws the viewer into the ominous situation surrounding his character, Charlie Vaubarn.

The writing team of Barnes and Vaughn successfully established an inventive Horror, Thriller concept. Burn has a compelling delivery of its narrative structure. This short film merits a full feature adaptation. Although proper character development escapes the plot Burn has sufficient qualities to arrest the viewer’s sentiments.

DecayMag.com Chris Barnes Judson Vaughan Burn
Matti Kolirin in Burn (2017)

In Closing

Burn is a well orchestrated and produced Horror, Thriller short film. The camera work and ambient lighting were executed well thus giving this indie production a professional look. There are scenes presented in Burn that are comparable to museum quality art pieces. Take for example the still for one particular scene provided below. Practical effects were nonexistent and make-up effects had minimal screen time. Burn is not a fear-generating presentation but instead elects for a serious toned emotional approach.

The highlights of the short film Burn outweigh the cons. This film communicates no sense of being amateurish but instead transmits authority with the subject conveyed.

DecayMag.com Chris Barnes Judson Vaughan Burn


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