Buzzard Hollow Beef, Nothing Is What It Seems In This Plot

Buzzard Hollow Beef Short Film Details Joshua Johnson. A Man & A Woman Productions. Buzzard Hollow Beef

Director: Joshua Johnson

Writer: Joshua Johnson, Tara C. Hall

Release Date: September 24, 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes


Still reeling from her divorce and struggling as the single mother of a 9 month old,
Jordan Vollmer looks forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with her family
and her best friend, Paige. Unfortunately the guy she’s been blowing off has crashed
the Vollmer’s holiday weekend, tagging along with Jordan’s brother, Joel. As the
group ventures into the small town of Buzzard Hollow they are greeted with strange
and unsavory characters known around these parts as the Solomon family.

Their suspicions surrounding the Solomon’s are aroused by the fact that they all
seem unwilling to talk about the beef that they serve in their hamburgers and sell in
their butcher shop. The Vollmer family experience horrifying hallucinations and
begin to suspect that the Solomons are somehow involved when they catch Garrett,
Darrell & Cody hunting on their property. Jordan narrowly escapes their rifle sights
and the danger quickly escalates as they are picked off one by one…

1. Overview

Buzzard Hollow Beef has released on September 24, 2017. The film was one of many  finalists in the Women In Horror Film Festival. Produced by A Man & A Woman Productions.

The Cast

Gabriel Caste – Joel

Janet Chiarabaglio – Barbara

Nadia Kamil – Paige

Jay Wesley Cochran – Ned Solomon

Emily Letts – Jordan

Bruce Jennings – Will

Jordan, her friend Paige, and her son, Zac, travel to her father’s, Will, isolated house for the Thanksgiving holiday. They are big on the meat and beer in the small and quiet town of Buzzard Hollow. After eating so much of it, they soon start to experience hallucinations that have drastic and dangerous consequences.

2. Impressions Joshua Johnson. A Man & A Woman Productions. Buzzard Hollow Beef

Buzzard Hollow Beef, first and foremost, is a very catchy title. I am a big advocate for catchy titles, and this film is up there among my top favorites. But…the title, itself, is also an illusion, so to speak. Buzzard Hollow is a small and quiet town. Isn’t this how the story goes? Where do most of the weird and fucked up shit (pardon my language) occur? The answer is; in a small and quiet town. This is where some of the best stories take place. This town and it’s residents have suspicious tendencies. Nothing unusual there. Will, being a prime resident, doesn’t see it. For Jordan and the others, it’s like a two-way mirror.

Why is the meat the best thing in town? Why is the beer irresistible? Some questions to ponder while enjoying the buzz trip down Happiness Boulevard. Yet, the “crash” is the consequence. When you hallucinate, this pleasure trip isn’t so great. In fact, it’s more like a nightmare for those who are not locals. For those who are…maybe they are used to it. Whatever the case, it makes you think twice about what you are eating and drinking. Joshua Johnson. A Man & A Woman Productions. Buzzard Hollow Beef

The performances from the cast were outstanding. The Solomon Family (Garret, Darrell, and Cody), are a private and reserved family. Sam Miller, Luke Severeid, and Will Frazier portray the respected roles. The characters hide dark secrets and it shows by their whole demeanor. Their passive-aggressive behavior alerts Jordan and Bob in particular, but no one else pays enough attention to notice. These are the characters that “get away with murder”.

But in Buzzard Hollow Beef, there’s a great psychological twist here. Or, was that a twist of a twist? This is one part of the film I had trouble wrapping around my head, so I took a few viewings to make sure I understand this here. This is a very successful play. Bob takes a major part in this part. It’s great to see his character morph in a dramatic way as this story progresses into the “grand finale”.

The costume selections are appropriate for the film. The special effects are great. From the visions or perspectives of their hallucinations to the violent scenes, it’s all played out well and convincing. The cinematography works well here. The score is a mix of dark and dramatic musical compositions. It adds excitement and suspense to the film. The scare factor is all psychological. Its in the unknown, in most cases, the scariest concept of all.

3. In Conclusion

Buzzard Hollow Beef is an amazing cinematic experience. After viewing it three times, the story still amazes me. The execution of this simple concept is very successful. The deliverance of the story is phenomenal. Joshua Johnson has created a complex production that transforms into an enjoyable moment.

The story for Buzzard Hollow Beef was inspired by a trip to North Carolina and our
dealings with the locals there. Although they were friendly, they seemed suspicious
of us, which in turn made us suspicious of them.

-Filmmaker's Statement

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