Cherokee Creek Makes Footprint With Kinky Comedy, Gore

Cherokee Creek Film Details Cherokee Creek Jarrett Bigelow, Billy Blair, Araceli Jenkins, Todd Jenkins
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Director: Todd Jenkins


Jarrett Bigelow … (original story concept)
Billy Blair … (original story concept)
Araceli Jenkins … (original story concept)
Todd Jenkins … (original story concept)
Todd Jenkins … (screenplay)

Release Date: 26 July 2018 (USA)

Release Format: Video On Demand

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Comedy, Horror

Running Time: 1h 52min

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A bachelor party in the woods gets crashed by the ultimate party animal.

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Sasquatch, commonly know as Bigfoot, is a cryptozoological creature that lurks within the woodlands of the United States. The name to these elusive animals differs from region to region but one thing is certain, each is found with ease in Horror cinema. Whether the approach is a comedy, found footage or traditional film these creature features have made footprint impression across the genre, pun intended

Depending on points of view, Bigfoot as a highlight creature may or may not be an original idea. This subgenre in Horror is oversaturated. The same can be said of every frightening antagonist as well. A quick glance on IMDb reveals hundreds of films on this shared concept. Perhaps Bigfoot is a go-to choice for its household familiarity or perhaps the costume design is something that accommodates the film budget. Whatever the case viewers will keep flocking to watch these films and filmmakers will keep up with the public demand.

This brings us to the latest addition to the creature feature subgenre, Cherokee Creek. Cherokee Creek Jarrett Bigelow, Billy Blair, Araceli Jenkins, Todd Jenkins
Todd Jenkins in Cherokee Creek (2018) © Movie Mafia Productions, LLC


Cherokee Creek attempts to lighten an otherwise serious topic with a comedic flair. To sum, sex and gore fuels this one-hour fifty-two-minute Horror feature film. The writing team of Jarrett Bigelow, Bill Blair, Araceli Jenkins, and Todd Jenkins craft a parody reminiscent of popular comedies from the eighties. Within the opening minutes, a build of suspense lures the spectator’s attention. Yet, after the elaborate set-up to a spectacle of carnage Cherokee Creek makes an abrupt shift away from Horror.

The cinematography in Cherokee Creek reflects itself on a professional level. The camera angles have commendable placement. In particular, the close to medium angles allowed for a sense of intimacy between the group of campers. Yet the editing seemed to find a rhythm with the back-and-forth cuts. The lighting accommodates each scene however adding light gels would have heightened suspense and dread. Filming on location poses its own set of problems but setting up shop in the wilderness is more of a challenge. Overall, Cherokee Creek has a recipe of technical elements that flow together. Cherokee Creek Jarrett Bigelow, Billy Blair, Araceli Jenkins, Todd Jenkins
Billy Blair and Jason P. Kendall in Cherokee Creek (2018)

Much of the story revolves around a group of friends and little to do with Bigfoot. The writing team layer each character with traits of buffoonery and raunchiness thus muting sub-plots, and external conflicts. To illustrate; ACT I only features about seven minutes of Bigfoot-related content. In comparison, viewers endure over one hour of footage centered on; a party in the woods, a money-starved actor, strippers and other minor add-ons. Cherokee Creek seems to follow the dreaded found footage film template by leaving the action for the final act.

An appropriate title to this film is; A Trip to Cherokee Creek or Cherokee Creek Party Massacre to encompass the narrative direction and development. We, as viewers need a balance between the titular character and the group of campers. Adding a string of dialogue about Bigfoot is not as gripping as visual specifics. Cherokee Creek Jarrett Bigelow, Billy Blair, Araceli Jenkins, Todd Jenkins
Ray Nicholas Hosack and Terry Dale Parks in Cherokee Creek (2018) © Movie Mafia Productions, LLC

Cherokee Creek is a creature feature yet the fright factor is close to nonexistent. The production team opted for a classic and/or Syfy approach to the visual presentation. To elaborate, the gore factor has impactful shock value, but it is comedic in delivery. The severed limbs are many, one of which includes a penis is the bread and butter to Cherokee Creek. Each death scene is memorable and huge applause goes out to the special effects team in their contributions to these scenes. Cherokee Creek Jarrett Bigelow, Billy Blair, Araceli Jenkins, Todd Jenkins
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In Closing

Cherokee Creek is not original in concept design but it fits in the ever popular sub-genre of Horror cinema. While the acting seems well-rounded there is room for improvement to stray away from being categorized as a B-Movie performance. Despite the pros and cons Cherokee Creek is entertaining and well put together. For audiences that find enjoyment in watching a film with beautiful topless ladies, raunchy dialogue and gore Cherokee Creek is a must see.

Yet, there is a missed opportunity in Cherokee Creek with blending comedy to a Horror icon. Cherokee Creek Jarrett Bigelow, Billy Blair, Araceli Jenkins, Todd Jenkins
Ray Nicholas Hosack in Cherokee Creek (2018) © Movie Mafia Productions, LLC


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