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Childish Thing, The. Film Details The Childish Thing Jeremy Herbert

Director: Jeremy Herbert

Writer: Jeremy Herbert

Release Date: September 12, 2017

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Running Time: 29 minutes 10 seconds

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As Jack leaves the only house he’s ever known, he finds out that sometimes, they don’t want to be put away. The Childish Thing Jeremy Herbert


The Childish Thing toys with chilling components found in Supernatural Horror. While the plot involves a measuring technique to haunted house themes, the overall production stands out as an individual. The film does emphasize an entity of unknown origin but its unlike anything identified with fright. What this film lacks does not interfere with its merit. Its the informal translation of Horror that makes The Childish Thing fascinating and pleasant to watch. The film is the latest production from Director, Writer; Jeremy Herbert. Herbert possesses an ingenious approach to establishing his visual narrative at a minimal cost.

The Childish Thing had success in its film festival circulation. The film won honors, receiving an election for Best Ohio Short at the 2017 Nightmares Film Festival. The Childish Thing Jeremy Herbert


One fascinating component I identified with Herbert’s film are the performances. Exhibited were the reasonable means of frights and contemplation. For the protagonist, its apprehension, and survival mode that grabs viewer’s interest. A well-constructed screenplay also plays a part in persuading the viewer. It happens with a carefree gameplay the protagonist partakes in, this serves as a guiding force for the storyline. It was entertaining to observe a well-balanced display of spoken word and actions from the protagonist. This film presents an “against all odds” scenario and these acting components made the character an individual to root for.

In terms of inventiveness, The Childish Thing accomplishes this tough to attain excellence. There were many considerations that served in favor of this production. For example, the non-threatening creature concept, adopting nonviolent formulas are all ingenious in its transmission. These additions are unseen in Horror cinema, with exception to a kid-friendly production. The Horror genre is infamous for its callous and violent adaptation of social commentary and Imagination. Filmmaker Jeremy Herbert, to his credit, performs outstanding work of communicating a relaxing interpretation of the supernatural and psychological influences. The Childish Thing Jeremy Herbert

I did not enjoy the absent brutality in The Childish Thing and this is due to my deep-rooted fascination with traditional scares and gore. Yet, on my second and third immersion, I couldn’t help but applaud Herbert’s creative direction. Herbert reconstructed a time-tested formula with The Childish Thing. Does Herbert redefine the haunted house and/or supernatural genre? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Independent Horror filmmakers are always in pursuit of crushing the mold with their creative techniques.

The Childish Thing interprets various facets of Horror Cinema without equaling to measured, predictable templates.

The shock factor and special effects were non-existent in The Childish Thing. Yet, those conditions do not set negative marks for the overall production. In fact, it is the scarcity of these factors that carry out this film as an enjoyable experience. In particular, the creature concept is unconventional and abrupt for the spectator. The Childish Thing Jeremy Herbert

After my viewings of The Childish Thing, the only negative I have is the lack of attention to the core message. It is unclear to the viewer if a psychological aspect is at hand. Based on the actions characterized by the protagonist this theory implies to be the case. Does the film reveal a wild imagination gone astray? Herbert doesn’t quite bring the message of this film to the forefront. The final minutes of Act III also lack the impact viewers would expect in a survival horror or a ghostly horror scenario. Given the satisfactory running time, it was unusual not being able to perceive elements into film’s commentary. Still, after multiple viewings, I found Herbert’s film to be perplexing.

The Childish Thing can best compare to an abstract painting and it subjective interpretation that varies from viewer to viewer. The Childish Thing Jeremy Herbert

In conclusion

The Childish Thing is a film rich with imagination and creative prose yet leaves the viewer questioning certain elements of the narrative. A lack of violence makes this production suitable viewing for general audiences. The creature concept stands in the spotlight for this production. As it embraces fundamentals of a haunting being the monster presented here also incites laughter for its overall composition. To clarify, that is not a negative observation to note. Overall, it is clear why The Childish Thing earned critical acclaim during its film festival circulation. Herbert is an indie Horror filmmaker to keep a notice on.




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