Chimera Morphs Social Commentary With Sci-Fi Drama

Chimera Film Details Maurice Haeems Chimera

Director: Maurice Haeems

Writer: Maurice Haeems

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre:  Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Running Time:  1h 20min

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A brilliant but disturbed scientist freezes his children alive, while he races to cure their deadly genetic disease by decoding the DNA of the immortal Turritopsis jellyfish.


There are many positive attributes in the construction for Chimera. To touch on each merit would make this review into an in-depth multi-chapter article. Below are some of the highlight I feel deserve the spotlight.

To begin, the performances accomplished near flawlessness. Actor Henry Ian Cusick is a veteran in his profession with a career extending over twenty (20) years. It is no surprise to see Cusick’ refined emotion and expression in Chimera. Cusick portrays the character Quint, a scientist and family man but his devotion to each divides him This part carries a deep structure established on a person burdened with inner anguish. The viewer will become locked into the character’s dimension of questionable good. This is an execution only Cusick can communicate. Maurice Haeems Chimera
Henry Ian Cusick in Chimera

Unlike Cusick, Raviv Haeems and Kaavya Jayaram are young actors making their debut in acting. Yet, with sophisticated prose, Haeems and Jayaram excelled on their inaugural feature. Haeems and Jayaram portray siblings Miles and Flora. The portraits these actors paint are with driven brush strokes. Each actor showcased capability that mirrors veteran performing peers. It is fascinating to watch young actors partake in serious toned films. Horror is the common platform where young performers display the adversary or in the resisting, good-natured personage.

In Chimera Haeems and Jayaram were not imaginative designs to evade social commentary. Instead, their input to the storyline was central and viewers will notice their narrative to be moving.

Kathleen Quinlan strikes with her interpretation of a nefarious foe. The character touches on the aurora that audiences will have a revulsion towards, and this is appropriate. I found Quinlan’s callous attitude to be realistic. This role reveals the deplorable yet common attitude most managers/employers exhibit to employees. My only issue is the lack of story behind Quinlan’s character, her work and the bitter relationship with her husband. Maurice Haeems Chimera
Raviv Haeems Kaavya and Jayara in Chimera

Actresses Karishma Ahluwalia and Jenna Harrison deliver performances audiences will find unforgettable. For the latter, an abrupt shift establishes a highlight on this character’s evolution.

Chimera is a properly-composed tale that communicates many social comments. Haeems reveals insight into the controversial subject of stem cell research and medical research principles. He achieves an impressive act of not lessening story with views or vise-versa. While watching Chimera I couldn’t help but think about the 2015 incident involving Planned Parenthood. Administrators at this institution got captured on tape admitting to selling infant body parts. With the influence of government-managed media and disinformation, no charges entered against Planned Parenthood. This realism is frightening and Haeems shows this in his debut film.

With the poignant sub-context and well-cultivated characters Chimera holds its grounds as an inventive and redefining conception. The practical effects were minimal and the scare factor is nonexistent. A strong interpretation of cinematography and remarkable camera work were the framework for this film. Maurice Haeems Chimera
Karishma Ahluwalia in Chimera

Viewing Experience:

Chimera is a must see. The entertainment value communicates through the cast. Multiple social commentaries convey through the grounded to reality storyline. Haeems presented an unbelievable work of art with his film debut. Am interested to know what is next for this modern filmmaker. How can his next feature surpass the bar Chimera will set in Horror/Science Fiction cinema?

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