Cleansing Hour, The. Demonic Possession Takes Hold Director: Damien LeVeck Writer: Aaron Horwitz The Cleansing Hour

Cleansing Hour, The.  Short Film Details

Director: Damien LeVeck 

Writer: Aaron Horwitz

Release Date: April 5, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror


Two failed filmmakers have found success running a webcast that streams LIVE exorcisms. However, every episode is an elaborately staged hoax, created to dupe their global audience.

But, when their latest subject turns out to actually be demon-possessed, Lance and Drew are forced to reckon with their online charade- live in front of millions of viewers.

The short horror film directed by Damien LeVeck, The Cleansing Hour, starring Sam Jaeger (Parenthood, American Sniper), Heather Morris (Glee, Spring Breakers), and Neil Grayston (Daredevil, Eureka) will be featured at SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia taking place October 7-16 in Sitges, Spain, and Napa Valley Film Festival November 9-13 in Napa.

The Cleansing Hour was written by Aaron Horwitz (Roommate Wanted) and also features guitarist Jonny Radtke (Filter, Kill Hannah), YouTube star Teala Dunn (Enchanted, Expelled), John Griffin (Priest, Jersey Boys), and Catherine Marin (The Tequila Sisters, Chimera) in supporting roles.

Jesse M. Feldman (American Horror Story, Homeland) is the director of photography and Marylou Lim (Godzilla, Looper) is the costume designer.

The Cleansing Hour is currently being developed into a feature film. LeVeck is repped by Peter Dodd at UTA and Zac Frognowski at Grandview management.

Excerpt Press Release Damien LeVeck, Aaron Horwitz. "The Cleansing Hour"


A camera crew hosts a live exorcism show called “The Cleansing Hour”. The exorcisms are staged, of course, for the sake of the show. However, the show takes a different turn with their current subject, Heather, who actually becomes possessed by an evil spirit.

Father Lance, who has never performed a real live exorcism, is suddenly forced to act quickly before Heather kills him and the crew.

When the demon is successfully driven out of Heather, things have not completely gone back to normal, as the demon only transferred from Heather’s body into all of the millions of viewers who witness the live event. Now, the demon is wrecking havoc all over the Damien LeVeck, Aaron Horwitz. "The Cleansing Hour"


What makes The Cleansing Hour so successful is the suspense and intensity it holds. It shows like a real live webcast. So, that gives the film and it’s charactered a sense of authenticity. The audience connects with the characters on a more personal level than just the normal actor-audience relationship.

The cast certainly does an amazing job in their roles. In a staged model, Heather is very convincing to the audience. In the demon-possessed mode, her acting is successfully chilling and intense. You can see the genuine, raging emotions and expressions on the audience faces.

When the demon transfers from Heather’s body to all of the viewers across the border, everyone quickly and successfully adapts to demon-possessed Damien LeVeck, Aaron Horwitz. "The Cleansing Hour"

In conclusion

While The Cleansing Hour takes its place among the countless demon possession and exorcism films, director Damien LeVeck does a superior job at the direction the film takes.

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