Compulsion Delivers An Amazing Score With Flawless Cinematography

Compulsion Film Details Brian Sepanzyk Compulsion

Director: Brian Sepanzyk

Writer: Brian Sepanzyk

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Thriller/Horror

Running Time: 15min


To give in, the blood must flow.


Compulsion: an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one’s conscious wishes.

Compulsion is a short film written and directed by Brian Sepanzyk. He composed the score in it. The story is about the birth of a serial killer. Ah, sounds tempting, right? In the short concept, it works. We follow a man who has the urge to stalk and kill his preys. We follow his routine, from taking pills and looking himself in the mirror – terrified – trying to control his urges, to stalking his victims and then engage to a full rebirth where he loses himself in his darkness within.

After watching the film I’ve noticed it has various connotations to some of us in our everyday life with how we struggle to understand ourselves, growing up, make mistakes and letting go. Even though the concept in Compulsion is outside the box, dark and dangerous – we’re watching an everyday life from a serial killer – we felt close to him from his loneliness and his growing pain. Sometimes we can always ask for help when we feel disoriented and lost, but it’s not the case for the lead character in Compulsion.

Cast: Brian Sepanzyk Compulsion


Brian Sepanzyk wrote and directed an amazing short in fifteen minutes long that has everything it needs to succeed. It works, and it’s worth it for its flawless techniques.
As I wrote before, the concept of Compulsion is dark and twisted but how the cinematography and score work together makes it all better. Compulsion is a masterpiece in its visual and sound elements. It’s a beautiful piece of art.

Sepanzyk knows what he’s doing and a huge applaud to Sasha Proctor, the DOP. How we follow the character throughout the town, the traveling shots, the different colors, the greens, the reds, the electric sound switching to an upbeat sound in a smooth and perfect way are joys to stare to. The score is a blast, Sepanzyk Nick Yacyshyn created an engaging music that completes the visual part of the short, telling the story how it is. Brian Sepanzyk Compulsion

I must praise as well the editing team, they did a wonderful job connecting scenes altogether. You feel the delicate work that went on post-prod. I even felt lost, wondering if I was watching an award-worthy short. Everything is beautiful and well put together. Bravo.
The performances are pretty much incredible all around and the killer has a remarkable presence throughout the short.

I’ve loved a red room in this film and it is the standout for me. As people might link this to Mr. Grey and his fantasies, I didn’t. I thought about a sin room, yes, but not a sexual one. I even imagined it was like a private red room to develop photographs. I imagined it was a metaphor for the serial killer’s intimate moments. We understand that the red room is where he keeps his mask and weapons – his proof of being a serial killer or his darkest mind, as you wish. I found this remarkable and how he drags a poor girl in this room says a lot about how he feels about her.

Even though Compulsion doesn’t have that much of dialogues, you feel so much coming right out of the scenes and that is thanks to Sepanzyk and his hard work. Brian Sepanzyk Compulsion

In Conclusion

Never mind what you read, short films can blow your mind and when they are done right, even with a minimal plot, they can have a better impact than features. There, I said it. Now you should sit back and enjoy Compulsion.


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