Corner, The. Mad One’s Films Brings New Fun to an Old Horror Tale

Corner, The. Film Details Jaysen Buterin The Corner

Director:  Jaysen P. Buterin

Writer: Jaysen Buterin

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short, Horror

Running Time: 6 minutes


The Corner – because you never know what you’ll find in someone’s house, and sometimes, neither do they. The Corner – because sometimes the only safe place to back yourself into is exactly where you don’t want to be!. The Corner – because sometimes, just sometimes, home is where the horror is!!. Jaysen Buterin The Corner

Mad Ones Films is aptly named, at least for its most recent production, The Corner, which opens with a fanciful voice-over cameo by none other than horror’s iconic Felissa Rose, who plays Lori.

Rose’s voice is simultaneously soothing and foreboding, giving the viewer the sensation they have tumbled down the proverbial rabbit hole and are about to get a glimpse into a very mad world, indeed.

We are soon introduced to babysitter Joli (played by Missy Dawn) who settles into her new environment only to be unnerved by the house’s creepy clown décor. Lurking in the corner appears a clown, (played by Joh Harp), who is so life-like that could he be… alive?
There is a palpable sense of fun to The Corner, and Buterin’s directing makes the whole film seem like a passionate rollick of an urban legend throwback. Buterin makes it clear something bad is about to happen to Joli, but he’s infused enough fun and fancy into the production you may want to see her demise… just for the sheer kick of it all!

The Corner is an entertaining short horror I think will leave horror fans wanting to see more from Jaysen Buterin’s Mad Ones Films. Buterin knows how to inject his own love of the genre into his filmmaking and it’s that kind of passion that makes the film so much fun. When The Corner ended, I felt let down that there wasn’t more to this mad universe… it would make a great opening to a horror anthology.

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