Cry It Out Hits Strong On Psychological Monitors

Cry It Out Film Details John Klein, Cry It Out

Director: John Klein

Writer: John Klein

Release Date: October 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Drama, Horror

Running Time: 26 min


A new father, struggling with being a stay-at-home dad, begins to hear terrifying noises from the baby monitor at night.



Cry It Out, written and directed by John Klein, has screened at the Nightmares Film Festival in October 2017. The Short, Drama, Horror feature centers on a man, who is a stay-at-home dad. His girlfriend has to go away to work for the weekend, leaving him and the baby to themselves for some father-son time.

As the father is trying to care for the son, he finds it frustrating and stressful with the toddler crying most of the time and not being able to calm his nerves. As he is trying to sleep, the baby monitor goes off. However, crying is not the only sounds coming from the monitor. There are other sounds that get mysterious and horrifying as the night progresses. This film is a psychological nightmare the whole time through.

The Cast Includes

Timmy Hart Barron – Martin

Kate Black-Spence – Karen

Donovan Klein – Oliver John Klein, Cry It Out


Cry It Out has a fresh and terrifying concept. The story builds in its favor. However, the story also never ends; if this makes sense. After Karen leaves Martin and Oliver for work over the weekend, things are fine at first. Except that Oliver can’t stop crying, and nothing seems to ease him when he does. Martin becomes hysterical and desperate to where he lashes out a few times.

He then notices strange sounds coming from the baby monitor that grow worst than just the sound of Oliver’s crying. When he goes to check on the baby, everything seems fine. Then his mind plays tricks on him. At least, he hopes that’s all it is. When Karen returns home, everything is back to normal. So Martin thinks. The film ends with a rather crucial point where answers needed. There is no explanation to what is going on. No back-story to satisfy the curiosity. John Klein, Cry It Out

The cast is great for their performances. Timmy Hart Barron puts on a great performance as a dad who breaks down in desperation when crucial events happen. Donovan Klein does great to keep up under such circumstances. The makeup of the Karen in her other form is great. Kate Black-Spence also does great in this transitional role.

The score for Cry It Out is great. Dark, dramatic theatrical sound effects which make the film more dark and frightening. There is also a dark melody that’s heard at peak moments. This is a terrifying experience for all parties involved. It also brings out anticipation from the audience. John Klein, Cry It Out

In Conclusion

Cry It Out is a solid production that’s surrounded by darkness. This is a good thing. It goes to show that a child’s dream or nightmares can be terrifying. The ending gives out, so it does not explain the events enough to satisfy the curiosity. Back-stories can be essential in this specific production because the viewer’s left with questions that just doesn’t get answered.


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