Curse Of The Scarecrow Hangs On Traditional Scare Factor

Curse Of The Scarecrow Film Details

Director: Louisa Warren

Writer: Shannon Holiday

Release Date:  22 October 2018 (UK) *IMDb

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

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After witnessing their parents murder as infants, June and Carl have held a deadly secret throughout their entire lives, a secret that none will believe. Years later, June is back to investigate the family home after her estranged brother Carl’s mysterious suicide. As she walks the grounds and inhabits the house, June learns that the Scarecrow who came to take her family is walking once again and is seeking revenge on the town. Curse of the Scarecrow Curse Of The Scarecrow Film Details Director: Louisa Warren Writer: Shannon Holiday


Horror cinema has a roster of terrifying antagonists varying from masked serial killers to supernatural threats. Most times, the above-noted examples crossover. These narratives depending on its presentation have substantial accommodation for in-depth kills and psychological thrills.

The enigmatic and intimidating aesthetics of the common scarecrow is a visited theme in Horror cinema. Although, it is a less concentrated storyline the essentials of vengeance and regional folklore remain the same. Curse Of The Scarecrow is the latest entry to this Horror sub-genre, and it hails from the UK. IMDb list the release date as the 22nt of October 2018 for UK markets. Curse of the Scarecrow Curse Of The Scarecrow Film Details Director: Louisa Warren Writer: Shannon Holiday
Cassandra French and Kate Lister in Curse of the Scarecrow (2018)


In slasher films, the antagonizing force has to have an iconic look, an intimidating costume. The Curse Of The Scarecrow does not convey an innovative model in this area and its not due to the production value, its the competition. Director Louisa Warren faces a challenge setting her translation apart from over forty variants of a killer scarecrows on the Horror cinema market. Yet, in Curse Of The Scarecrow, the adversary has a worthy costume design, one that is striking though simple.

The Scarecrow needed more thought to detail to develop its threatening presence. For example, the mask lacked human-like qualities to draw in its supernatural backstory. Doing so would have given this character soul, or in this case souls. As it remains the creature does not have an expressive profile, but its approach is impelling. Curse of the Scarecrow Curse Of The Scarecrow Film Details Director: Louisa Warren Writer: Shannon Holiday
Cassandra French in Curse of the Scarecrow (2018)

The portrayal of the scarecrow was not effective in conveying fright factor. Absent was the director’s ability to underscore the villain’s walk and actions. As a visual storyteller, it is essential to present a personality to the central evil figure. A brief review of Horror icons presents solid reference points to note. In Curse Of The Scarecrow, the adversary lacked personality but it did have a strong backstory.

Warren’s camera work felt awkward and in some scenes, I questioned the angles being used. I asked myself; “Why was this story convey in this fashion?” while watching the events unfold. The presentation perplexed me. Coupled with basic video editing skills, several exhibitions in Curse Of The Scarecrow were difficult to watch. For example, during the hypnotic therapy scene viewers will find themselves watching a tennis match. The sequence of back-and-forth cuts between the psychotherapist and her patient felt amateurish. Incorporating wide shots, high angle shots would have nullified this display. A third character comes into the scene from an unnatural angle making it appear as if she wasn’t in the same room.

Another scene where the camera work left me confounded involved two characters conversing outside a country home. Here, with no clear reasoning, a high camera angle is used. Are the nearby crows watching them from the sky? Is the killer watching them from an adjacent tree? Warren’s visual storytelling although creative seemed out of sync. Curse of the Scarecrow Curse Of The Scarecrow Film Details Director: Louisa Warren Writer: Shannon Holiday
Louisa Warren in Curse of the Scarecrow (2018)

In Closing

Curse Of The Scarecrow did not have redefining elements to its narrative. Yet, the psychological, slasher and supernatural web snared my attention. The characters remain cultivated and illustrated with a strong effort. Sure, there is a hint of poor dialogue but the tale flows well. Screenwriter Shannon Holiday did solid work of placing and establishing detail to the sub-plot. Each narrative intersects by the end of the third and final Act and I felt comfortable with the ending, a cliff-hanger scene.

As for the cast and their performances, each succeeded well in their parts. Yet, I noticed Warren’s portrait felt out of place. Most times her character would wander into the scene at random implying comedic effect. It felt stereotypical, the communication for this role. It is bad enough actresses, women with curves become depicted as the odd friend in Hollywood. To discover this translation in the UK indie Horror scene is disappointing. Her attire, her demeanor could have been better matched. Also, was a subliminal message of gluttony conveyed after The Scarecrow overpowered Warren’s character? I feel Warren possesses the talent and beauty to star as the lead in Curse Of The Scarecrow. 


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