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Dark Cove Film Details

Director: Rob WilleyDecayMag.com Rob Willey , Dennis Willey Dark Cove


Dennis Willey … (story)
Rob Willey … (screenplay, story)

Release Date: 2 August 2016 (USA)

Release Format: VOD

Running Time: 1h 24min 

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller 


Five friends go camping on the wild coast of Vancouver Island. Things start to go seriously wrong while partying with two Australian surfers.



Dark Cove released on the 2nd of August 2nd, 2016 via Video On Demand. This indie  Horror, Thriller production was filmed on location in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dark Cove centers on five friends on a camping excursion. A dire situation puts the group in a delicate situation. The circumstances test loyalty and survival.

Rob Willey directed Dark Cove. Willey also served as co-writer with Rob Willey collaborating. The film is an independent release from Tall Grass Films production.DecayMag.com Rob Willey , Dennis Willey Dark Cove


Although the premise is attractive Dark Cove presents variables that cripple the production. The foundation to this Horror, Thriller crumble under a weak script. Dark Cove avoids conventional formatting structure. For example; conflict is absent during forty-six minutes, fourteen seconds of the film. During this course of time, viewers endure the antics of a young perverse Italian male. His friends also share screen time but fail to contribute any usefulness to the storyline.

Introduced twenty-five minutes into the film are the character’s backstory. Yet, it is nothing worthwhile or memorable. Playful interactions, drugs use and other bits of nonsense serve as filler. Introduced in the twenty-minute mark are the secondary slate of characters. Their insertion is as dull as a watching paint dry.

It is important to note for those interested in writing a screenplay. Films find division into three acts. Depending on the length of the film time is distribute amongst these three sections. Screenwriters must present characters, plot, and/or sub-plots within the opening act. The second act presents obstacles, love interests, character conversion and sub-plot development. Confrontations are often solved within the third act. This is by no means a definitive explanation. It is, however, a basic formula for any film.DecayMag.com Rob Willey , Dennis Willey Dark Cove

Interactions between characters were flat. The portrayals were rudimentary and offered no sense of believability. None of the characters offer a connection with the audience. This results in the subtraction of dramatic effect. Dark Cove is best summarized as a B-movie production.

The film fades into a tense situation. Under the cover of darkness, within the abysmal woods three young men are disposing a dead body. Audiences are unsure of the scenario at this moment in time. This clever delivery serves well to seize attention. Despite the serious tonality, astute viewers will notice an ever present droll.

Director Rob Willey also stars in the film. R. Willey portrays the role of one of five conspirators, Quinn. Credibility on solid dialogue begins with the line:

“….If we had some bleach we’d get rid of most of the remains”

A degree in forensics is not necessary to know this comment lacks plausibility. One can argue that this is an artistic construct for entertainment purposes. This may be the case but a touch of common sense is warranted.

Cinematography work employed were at a basic level. Amusing is the fact that four minutes was deemed necessary to document the group of friends traveling from point A to point B. Most of this sequence were B-shots of the automobile trekking across the road.DecayMag.com Rob Willey , Dennis Willey Dark Cove

In Closing:

On IMDB.com Dark Cove has a categorization of Horror, ThrillerThis is not the case. The amateurish approach to the film eliminates any sense of trepidation. Once the central theme materializes the audience may have already lost interest.

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