Dark Of The Night Brings Life To Haunted House Short

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Director: KC Allen

Co-Director: T. J. Cooley

Writer: KC Allen

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Horror

Running Time: 7 min


Devon Darke is a paranormal pod-caster who accepts a challenge to live in a notoriously haunted house for one year.


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Dark of the Night is a short film written and directed by KC Allen and co-directed by T.J. Cooley.

The film is now on film festival circuit already selected at Nightmares Film Festival and Winner at MOFA Three Weeks of Terror as Best Film and at The 2017 International Horror Hotel.

Cast includes

Randy R. Fabert… as Devon Darke

Larry Combs… as the Demon

DecayMag.com, Dark of the Night, KC Allen, T.J. Cooley


I was pretty eager to watch this Dark of the Night when I read the synopsis. I love films where the action remains in the same place; we call it Huis Clos in France. It’s such a bold task to do in filmmaking because you have to be smart enough to keep the viewer involved in such limited spaces switching camera angles, shots, having enough ingredients to keep it going and a huge performance by the lead actor. Otherwise, it all falls short.

Dark of the Night plays with all the proper principles and brings fun and a slice of life in such a dark and chilling horror short.

KC Allen teams up with T.J. Cooley (Allen-Cooley Productions) and they share with us an excellent story about a paranormal podcaster that accepts a challenge to live in a haunted house for a year who records his moments while living there. The issue is that right after he settles in, a presence seems to be triggering him with moments of dread and terror. He starts to feel that he’s not alone and that there’s clearly something or someone with him.

The directors work really well together and I’d love to see them work together again developing Dark of the Night as a full feature. It has the elements of it and it really could be interesting to watch Devon and diverse characters intertwine with each other while confronting a demon spirit in the house.

DecayMag.com, Dark of the Night, KC Allen, T.J. Cooley

The lead performance is natural, Fabert is wonderful as Devon Darke. He is funny and also vulnerable which brings a lot to the character even though we don’t have that much time to see him grow in only 7 minutes long. Larry Combs plays the demon which we only see him for a few seconds but he surely leaves a great impression when you see him. The sequence is really well shot and the music and editing really help to build up tension throughout the suspense scenes.

If you’re interested, watch the behind-the-scenes video below and listen to the lovely music produced and written by Charles Mallory and Parker Wiksell of Cut Time Music.

In Conclusion:

A clean cinematography with a stirring soundtrack and splendid acting results in a strong horror short that deserves a lot of consideration. Dark of the Night should be produced as a feature and KC Allen and T.J. Cooley need to continue to work together.