Daughters Of Virtue, Explores Time-Tested Battle Between Good and Evil

Daughters Of Virtue, The. Film Details DecayMag.com. Michael Escoebo, Rock & Hammer Films. The Daughters Of Virtue

Director: Michael Escobedo

Writer: Michael Escobedo

Release Date: October 6, 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

Genre: Short, Drama, Horror

Running Time: 12 Minutes, 20 Seconds


A lonely housewife fears for her life when a women’s prayer group meeting turns into a fanatical intervention to rid her soul of evil.



The Daughters of Virtue screened at the Nightmares Film Festival where it won the Best Horror Short Award. The film produced by Rock & Hammer Films.

The Cast

Melanie Cruz – Janet

Maria Olsen – Betty

Sylvia Panacione – Alice

Brittany Samson – Rhonda

Milly Sanders – Cynthia

The Daughters Of Virtue center a group of religious women who have gathered for a group prayer session. When Rhonda confesses that she believes her husband is having an affair, Alice acts out of character. This makes the women believe she’s possessed. Their ways are brutal as they try to rid her soul of the evil presence.DecayMag.com. Michael Escoebo, Rock & Hammer Films. The Daughters Of Virtue



The Daughters Of Virtue, a fresh approach to the possession theme. There is irony here as with a lot of films of this nature. Victims of possession should be the non-believers. Yet, it’s the religious people who are the victims. Also, that these women of God show their true colors, which are dark. This makes for an interesting twist to witness how their characters morph when they’re opposed to anything that goes against their beliefs and their morals.

Betty, Janet, Rhonda, and Cynthia are women of God, who do no wrong. Alice has a dark moment of faith and travels down a path of sin. Adultery is a grave mistake among these women. They spare no expense to make it known. This is an excruciating time for Alice when she becomes victim to their backlash in response to her bad judgment of character and wrongdoing.DecayMag.com. Michael Escoebo, Rock & Hammer Films. The Daughters Of Virtue


Betty takes the lead in attempting to rid Alice’s soul of evil. Maria Olsen puts on an intimidating performance here. One of the best portrayals of an exorcist I have seen in a long time. She’s not an exorcist, but she puts the matters of getting the job done into her own hands. Her demeanor ruthless and cruel. Her ways are unconventional. A strong no-nonsense character, and it is invigorating to see a woman portray.

The setting and tone of the film is dark as it should be. This accompanied by a dramatic theatrical score. This is effective in amplifying the scare factor. The wardrobe selections are parallel to the plot. The makeup of the demon is convincing. This brief scene is effective enough to create a rush of adrenaline.DecayMag.com. Michael Escoebo, Rock & Hammer Films. The Daughters Of Virtue

In Conclusion

The Daughters Of Virtue, brief, simple, and effective in its delivery.

Director Michael Escobebo creates a slow, quiet demon possession film with a simple setting, cinematography, score, and practical effects. This is a prime example of simplicity being innovative.


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