Dead Billy  Treks into Sexual and Psychological

Dead Billy Film Details Scotty Milder, Lauren Myers Dead Billy

Director: Scotty Milder

Writer: Scotty Milder, Lauren Myers

Release Date: 14 October 2016 (USA)

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Drama, Horror, Mystery

Running Time: 2h 7min


Graduate student Calliope Girard’s orderly life is thrown into chaos by unexplained seizures that unlock buried memories of a violent past.


What makes a Horror, Thriller memorable? Of course, replies to this question would be narrative or visual effects. Yet, the defining aspect of these genre films is the social commentary. With the latter directors and screenplay writers explore critical situations plaguing modern society.

The writing team for Dead Billy developed a thought an intense thought provoking topic enveloped in a psychological drama. An exploration of sexual attributes entrances the viewer. The latter is presented with a subtle yet intriguing approach.

In mid-2012 a crowdfunding campaign established to gain funding toward Dead Billy. At the time the film was a concept, a creative venture between Scott Milder and Lauren Myers. Launched on Kickstarter, the campaign completed with success. In fact, thirty thousand eight hundred eleven dollars garnered. The amount surpassed the target goal.

From the title one would expect a supernatural or slasher film. These concepts do not comprise the film, Dead Billy. Scotty Milder, Lauren Myers Dead Billy


Dead Billy is a psychological drama with a well-established structure. Characters are true to life concepts. The visual presentation in itself is a work of cinematic art. Performances are sound with refined portrayals.

Scott Milder and Lauren Myers penned an intriguing script delving into domestic violence. The film doesn’t set a platform to showcase abuse. Instead, presented is a glimpse within a victim’s psychological instability. The writing team strays from conventional ideas to offer an innovative approach to filmmaking.

Taboos presented in the film trek on sexual expression. The imagery in Dead Billy includes suspension, body modification, BDSM. Yet, these are all not designed to seize attention. The underlying attributes to Dead Billy center on psychological avenues. Are audiences engaged in the life of a schizophrenic? Are dual personalities at play? Scotty Milder, Lauren Myers Dead Billy

Milder and Myers created a film with Mystery and Thriller elements. Each theme is individual and embraces the production. One of the principal attractions of Dead Billy are the visuals. The film is the full-length feature debut for director Scott Milder. A level of finesse went into capturing each scene. One may suspect Midler to have feature film experience leading up to Dead Billy.

Audiences will embark on a turbulent ride led by the protagonist Callie / Calliope. The role portrayed by film co-creator Lauren Myers is memorable. Reinforcing her performance is a character with a mysterious backstory. Audiences will have no problem connecting with this multi-level character.

Another notable mention is actor John Hardy. Hardy has a menacing on screen presence with his portrayal of the titular character, Billy. The intriguing aspect to this character is his demeanor. Yet, there is a mystery surrounding Billy. Is he the antagonizing force? Is he misinterpreted as a dominant figure? Scotty Milder, Lauren Myers Dead Billy


Dead Billy may be difficult for some to follow. The narrative is best summed as an intricate web with each strand venturing deeper into the human psyche. This concern may not a be a problem for astute audiences.

Rating Score:  0-10 Avoid | 11-20 Mediocre | 21-30 Good | 31-40  Average | 41-50 Satisfactory | 51-60 Stunning | 61-70 Terrific | 71-80 Must See | 81-90 Amazing | 91-100 Impressive
90 %
90 %
Originality / Redefining
90 %
90 %
Practical Effects
10 %
Scare Factor
5 %
Special Effects
10 %
Viewing Experience
90 %
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