Dead On Arrival; Corruption Infects With A Bang

Dead On Arrival, Stephen C. Sepher,

Dead On Arrival. Film Details.

Director: Stephen C. Sepher

Writer: Stephen C. Sepher

Release Date: March 23th, 2018

Release Format: Theaters

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: 97 mins


A pharmaceutical sales rep visits a small town in Louisiana on business. He finds himself in a dark world of corruption and murder with 24 hours to live, running from the police, the mob and a sheriff that wants him dead.




Billy Flynn, played by Sam Collins, is desperately trying to find out who fatally poisoned him in Stephen C. Sepher’s crime thriller Dead On Arrival, a re-imagination of 1949’s classic film noir D.O.A.


Sam Collins as Billy Flynn

Billy Slaughter as Dr. Alexander

Christa B. Allen as Jessie

Scottie Thompson as Bonnie

Lillo Brancato as Zanca

Chris Mulkey as Hans Dunkel

Stephen C. Sepher as Vince

Laura Flannery as Tammy

Christopher Rob Bowen as Deputy Renee

D. B. Sweeney as Detective Spiro

Dead On Arrival, Stephen C. Sepher, Decaymag.comImpressions

Dead On Arrival is influenced by the film noir D.O.A. from 1949 and its remake from 1988 starring Dennis Quaid. I haven’t watched both films to be sincere so I can’t compare it to either one of them, but I can address what I truly thought of the film as a standalone tale of corruption.

The story revolves around Billy Flynn, a married pharmaceutical sales rep, who visits Louisiana on business. He is invited by Dr. Alexander for his New Year’s Eve party and Flynn easily slips into a night of treason, sex, alcohol and corruption. The next day he suffers what looks like a heart attack during his course back home. At the hospital, an expert tells him is has been poisoned and has merely one day left to live.

Dead On Arrival, Stephen C. Sepher,

At this moment you discover the premise to be attractive and you want to be boiling up with adrenaline but unfortunately, Collins can’t seem to deliver a convincing performance as Billy Flynn and we drown in fatigue after that point.

There’s a positive side to all of this and that is the additional characters presented throughout the film. Jessie is a huge part on that remark. Played beautifully by Christa B. Allen, Jessie is charismatic yet the typical female role in these type of thrillers but Christa fulfills the role as a pro and bears an excellent performance overall.

Dead On Arrival, Stephen C. Sepher,

As the film keeps progressing, you will notice yourself observing a bunch of varied character’s arcs come to life and ignore the vital element of the story which is the discovery of Flynn’s « murderer ». That was disappointing to say the least. I wasn’t invested as I loved to. Visually the film looks precise, brilliant, with astonishing camera shots and music, but the fundamental reason that it doesn’t work is the tedious performance of its lead and how the subplots become more charming than the main narrative.

In Conclusion

As a powerful crime thriller, Dead On Arrival definitely works. As a splendid tale of survival and own discovery, you might be a little dissatisfied. Despite its weaknesses on how the story is produced, the additional characters, the fun dialogue and its twists and turns will keep you invested enough to watch until the final credits.Dead On Arrival, Stephen C. Sepher,


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