Deadly Crush: Interesting Concept, Generic Execution

Deadly Crush: Film Details DecayMag Dakota Aesquival Deadly Crush

Director: Dakota Aesquival

Writer: Dakota Aesquival

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1 hr 25 min

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When a painter rents a secluded cabin to jump start her creativity, she has sex with a ghost and finds herself part of his plan to bring itself back to life.


Deadly Crush centers on an inspiring artist who rents out a cabin for her work. She becomes the object of sexual desire for a spiritual presence. This quickly leads to an awkward romance.

The Cast

William Sadler……Sheriff Dusty Hawkins

Aria London……Brynn

Dakota Aesquival……Kit

Jenna Willis……Holly Power, Dakota Aesquval, Deadly Crush

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Deadly Crush Trailer Alludes Human, Entity Sexual Tease


Deadly Crush integrates human and spiritual relations. This trend in Horror cinema, although not new, is on the rise as filmmakers and writers explore the depths of their imaginations and creativity. I first have seen this concept in Sidney J. Furie‘s The Entity (1982). Like-minded films are few and in between, yet they have struck an accord with filmmakers today.

The concept behind spirit and human correlating is one that is fascinating given the proper execution. Aesquival’s Deadly Crush focuses on the firework chemistry between Brynn and Kit. This will fancy the audience who likes erotica. Yet, this sexual chemistry alone isn’t enough to entice the audience that seeks psychological stamina., Dakota Aesquval, Deadly Crush

Cast performances in these films have poor acting quality as seen in Deadly Crush. The roles simple enough, yet the cast portrays typical B-Movie performances. The three main roles here are Brynn, Kit, and Sheriff Dusty Hawkins. For a vengeful spirit on the loose and searching for a host to survive in human form, Kit is not intimidating here. The originally given genre of Horror, Thriller pans out to be more Drama, Romance, Suspense given how the film plays out.

Horror themes are present, yet not enough to be full Horror or to even categorize in Horror. Drama and Romance themes are dominant here with the strong sexual chemistry between Brynn and Kit, which turns into a jealous rage since Kit is possessive over her. What pursues is a constant battle to find a host for Kit to survive in human form so he and Brynn can have a happy life. However, they realize that his fate is inevitable.

When Kit finds a body to possess, the body decomposes, giving the body the makeup of a zombie. The practical effects here are strong and an interesting incorporation into the, Dakota Aesquval, Deadly Crush

In Conclusion

Deadly Crush inhabits the Drama, Romance genres more. It’s a love story with a slightly dark twist with the vengeful spirit and human relations. A little more directed towards a vengeful spirit would give this film more leverage in the Horror, Thriller department and make it more psychological and intense. Yet, with the focus on the strong sexual chemistry between the two, it’s more of a twisted erotica.


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