Death Waits for No Man, Mental Warfare, Deceit Are Central Characters

Death Waits for No Man Film Details Armin Siljkovic Death Waits For No Man

Director: Armin Siljkovic

Writer: Armin Siljkovic

Release Date: Fall 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating:

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: 1h 22min


A neon art collector seduces a lone drifter into killing her abusive husband.

1. Overview: Armin Siljkovic Death Waits For No Man
Deception, jealousy, and greed are diverse principles for any love triangle revenge film. These narratives in some construct or another adhere to a standard template. Still, despite the common formula, the entertainment for these films are gripping. This achievement all depends on a determined perspective from the screenwriter(s). These type of Thrillers are not of specific appeal to this critic. Nevertheless, there’s a strong familiarity with the genre.

When news reached our inbox for Death Waits for No Man there was a perceiving sense of what to foresee in the narrative. From the synopsis, Director, Writer Armin Siljkovic appears to venture into a recognizable territory. The trailer seizes attention with its hints on the imaginative construct. Siljkovic’s preference in color palette and the camera work showcased to striking effect.

2. Pros: Armin Siljkovic Death Waits For No Man

The performances between Angelique PretoriusBradley Snedeker, and Corey Rieger are incredible. There are many adjectives to interpret their roles with praise. It is their contribution, in concert that makes this film memorable. Each actor creates his/her own style to draw the character to life. Snedeker’s portrayal of Uzal stands out. There are few alternative words to classify this figure’s direct demeanor Everything works well to have the viewer guessing. Uzal’s modesty makes him a commanding force.

Rieger portrays Sinclair, his ingenuity in making viewers dislike his personality is admirable. There are also moments Sinclair shifts his demeanor and sways opinion on whether he is the adversary. Snedeker and Rieger spend most of the screen time contending for alpha male status. In fact, in some corrupt form, their battle almost reached on to show which of the two had a well-equipped tool.

To conclude, Pretorius conveyed her portrayal of Lily with plausibility. The role had the competencies of a tragic, hell-bent bitch. Lily becomes a character most audience members can relate with. While viewing the film I could see parallels between Pretorius’ character with my ex-girlfriend. Scary. creates a complex personality that becomes challenging to interpret. This is excellent because the viewer is uncertain with whom to side with. This is excellent because the viewer is uncertain with whom to side with.

Ted Hayash as Cinematographer makes use of the limited space and establishes a retro inspired environment integrated with contemporary aesthetics. The high contrast color tones produce a melodramatic scene. Sets that would look natural under standard lighting conditions are now an unnerving visual with these chosen vibrant colors. Siljkovic takes over with his expertise in capturing scenes at the right angle. Am impressed on how Siljkovic enhances the field of view in a subtle yet creative nature. He elects to put the camera on the subject as they deliver emotional content. To illustrate;

• The exchange between Lily and Urzal becomes an intellectual chess game. Aware of the desperate situation that unfolds Siljkovic opts to cut between each character as they deliver dialogue. This provides the spectator with a viewpoint to the character’s expressions. Siljkovic goes further by executing the same approach between Urzal and Sinclair.

Death Waits for No Man settles on an inventive podium in a crowded sphere of themed films. As discussed earlier in this article Siljkovic penned a riveting narrative. This develops into the focal stage for the one-hour twenty-two-minute span of the film. The roster of characters have degrees of plausibility, they are basic in composition and allude to familiar affairs established throughout the world. There are no extra preservatives or artificial flavors in Siljkovic’s film. Displayed in the trailer and synopsis are hints to the polished end product.

Death Waits for No Man is innovative but not authentic. With the latter, many films have voiced identical approaches. The distinguishing aspects Siljkovic awards are in the narrative and visual arrangement. Death Waits for No Man is a new degree of artistic prose to the genre. Its remarkable how Siljkovic executes a lush psychological Thriller with a simplistic approach. The film does not include an elaborate set, glamorous locales or practical effects. In fact, Death Waits for No Man excels without it. Armin Siljkovic Death Waits For No Man

3. Cons: Armin Siljkovic Death Waits For No Man

Although the concept and performances received high commendations the narrative lacked similar approval. Here is a general appraisal of questionable areas;

• The protagonist had the all too familiar nomadic stranger component. This archetype transcends genres from Westerns to Action films all with slight variations to the personality design. In Death Waits for No Man, the protagonist has a minimal back story. The mystery factor is pushed too hard with Uzal. The only defining attribute audiences can associate with is Uzal’s early employment, his love for kittens and long strolls in the park. Siljkovic failed to communicate a relationship between this figure and the viewer. What’s working through Uzal’s psyche? Why is he badass? How did he lose his trusted firearm? Inquiring minds wish to know.

• The protagonist is not the sole character to suffer a lax story framework. Sinclair and Lily also lacked intensity. With consideration to Siljkovic’s technique, he provided insight into each role via dialogue. Yet, a combined visual cue would have established a bigger impact. Moving on to the secondary and minor roles, each did not circulate with the overall narrative. Take for example Officer Watts. His presence served as a convenience, a bridge for the drama to flourish. His contribution to the narrative wasn’t compelling. Perhaps if Officer Watts was hunting the protagonist from the outset either as a civilian official or military police his part would have looked affirming.

• Death Waits for No Man develops one storyline, the central plot. With this in mind, watching the film transmogrifies into a tennis game. Each main character takes turns under the spotlight with accusations and suspicion ping-ponged between them.

• The sexual allusions were passing thoughts and nothing transversed into the sphere of BDSM. Incorporating such visuals would have been most welcome.

4. Viewing Experience:

Death Waits for No Man is outstanding with its exceptional visuals and evolving narrative. There are many components that make Siljkovic’s a phenomenon worth checking out. This film becomes addictive and lures the spectator, this despite the simplicity of the plot. Joseph ‘Sloe’ Slawinski provides a retro-inspired soundscape that propels the scenes into elevated heights. It wouldn’t surprise me if vintage synths gave that authentic sound quality.

While the color filters make a striking feature it is Siljkovic’s keen eye that makes this film a living work of art. Although the characters have lax structure each performer excelled in their given role. Their on-screen chemistry was prodigious and neither out shining the other. Death Waits for No Man stands as a strong-quality psychological Thriller grounded with love triangle aesthetics.

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