Deathly  A Chilling Horror Short

Deathly Film Details:

Director: Mike Deathly. Mike Williamson

Writer: Mike Williamson

Release Date: September 2015

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Short


Following the tragic death of his wife, a man is unsettled by chilling events in their house.


Mike Williamson delivers a powerful pitch in his chilling short Horror film, Deathly. Alan Ruck stars an outstanding performance as Richard, a widower, who mourns the death of his wife, Dianne (Kathleen Wilhoite) by a tragic fire.

Dianne and Richard’s life completely changed after Dianne got into an accident that left her wheelchair bound and relying on the help of her husband. Richard becomes aggressive and depressed about the circumstances and turns to rage. This depression and rage lead to him committing an act of turmoil.

The consequences of Richard’s actions weigh heavily on him. He becomes haunted by his own mind, his guilt, and a deathly presence. He becomes so defeated that he ends up in a grisly ending. Deathly Mike Williamson


Deathly is a 13-minute film that packs a powerful punch. A man goes mad after his wife gets into an accident that changes their life for the worse. The man is slowly being driven mad every day, as he is forced to aid his wife more than usual. This takes a heavy toll on him, and a burden that he wants so badly to get rid of. To the point where he will take any means to rid himself of it.


However, this comes at a hefty price, as he soon finds out. It’s not enough that his mind was driven mad, but now his mind is his worst enemy, as he is forced to come to terms with what he has done. So much, that this drives him further into insanity, and a chilling demise.

In conclusion

From a personal standpoint, Deathly is a story about the darkness inside us. We are sensitive to the things we don’t really understand. Until we put ourselves in the place of our loved ones and their pain and burden, we can’t imagine their struggle. When we commit an act of selfishness and anger out of stress and depression, we become the darkness.

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