Demon Inside, The. Humor And Horror Raise Spirits Joey Moran The Demon Inside

Demon Inside, The. Film Details  

Director: Joey Moran

Writer: Joey Moran

Release Date: May 16th, 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: HorrorThriller

Running Time: 1h 35min


Ex-convict, Sam Parsons, is trying to rebuild his life with his wife Courtney and their six-year-old daughter, Harper. When supernatural occurrences start to happen in their quiet, suburban home, Sam hires Corbin Carlyle and his reality TV show ghost hunting team, The Ghost Killers, to help battle the dark entity. Focused on fame and ratings, Corbin and his team fail to tackle the problem and things escalate. To save himself and his family from the blood-hungry underworld creature, Sam must call upon his own inner demons from his violent past.


Humor in place of seriousness is the working factor of this composition while maintaining a supernatural theme. Director/Writer Joey Moran sets out to produce a satire on paranormal studies. Although this concept is presented before the technique assumes a melodramatic climax. Within Act I The Demon Inside appears designed for the way of solemnity. Yet, as the narrative develops so does the underlying comedic gem. Moran is cautious not to insult the field of paranormal research but he takes aim at its pop culture personalities.

Timothy Talbott‘s depiction as a celebrity ghost hunter is on point with a specific reality-based television program. Yes, Travel Channel, the finger points in your direction. While Talbott’s persona and that of his group of cohorts are of B-movie quality, their likenesses are suitable for the comedic value. Joey Moran The Demon Inside

Also, it should note that actor Joseph Rene and Madeline Thelton make an ideal combination as The Parsons, a family tormented by a diabolical assault. Rene’s character adds a tough guy persona while holding a family man vibe. Thelton seems limited as the caring mother figure and supporting wife. Yet, there is a sense of secrecy behind her personality. The show stealer in this composition is child actress Chloe Lee. Lee’s response to frightening situations felt genuine. Her emotional projection is a feature not distributed among the cast.

The practical effects were at a satisfactory level. Provided were visuals that coordinated with the themed output. There were highlight points and each concentrated on the unfortunate demise of the ghost hunters. Joey Moran The Demon Inside


The Demon Inside does nothing drastic with individuality. Moran’s production also remains passive with redefining themes. Aside from these flaws, the film does well-combining Comedy and Horror with an infinitesimal amount of cynicism. The amusement value will differ from viewer to viewer. Some may find The Demon Inside as uninspired while another will appreciate the film for what it provides.

The scare component is also missing. With exception to the well-executed tension in Act I the production steers and settles in a lax atmosphere. The fear factor doesn’t even manifest when the demonic entity unleashes its wrath.

The plot transverses into several directions with distracting style. Principal plot and sub-plot drift into the limelight and neither takes hold for an extended commitment. From the husband torn by his history to the humorous ghost hunters to the Parson’s paranormal predicament, the narrative becomes muddled. Joey Moran The Demon Inside

In conclusion

If a not so serious supernatural themed film is the aim, then The Demon Inside is the proper match. The tonality against television personalities has satirical amusement. Yet, the film doesn’t remain true with the Horror element. The cast provided the commitment needed to carry out laughable scenes. Chloe Lee radiates as a wonderful actress.

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