Demonologist, The. One Wild Ride, Practical Effects Could Use Work

Demonologist, The. Film Details Director, Writer: J.M. Stelly The Demonologist

Director:  J.M. Stelly

Writer: J.M. Stelly

Release Date: January 1, 2019

Release Format: Video On Demand

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: 100 Minutes

Social Networking: Facebook 


Detective Damien Seryph investigates a string of murders that connects to a group trying to bring forth the 4 King Demons of Hell. Damien’s past connects him to those involved and will force him to become “The Demonologist”.

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The Demonologist is a murder mystery-turned-horror story that can be more accurately categorized as a “thriller”. I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. Any flaws that I found were only minor, and everything from the plot to the cast kept me interested and engaged. Director, Writer: J.M. Stelly The Demonologist


I enjoyed The Demonologist. There was seldom a time when I could find a flaw to focus on, and I think that everything was well-choreographed. Obviously, there was a lot of tact, planning, and skill involved in the making The Demonologist. Despite that the budget was clearly not extravagant, J.M. Stelly and crew made a film that worked.

Firstly, the cinematography was well-done. The composition and framing in The Demonologist were flawless. However, there was one minor thing that threw me off a bit; the main character, Damien, had many flashbacks and “nightmares” throughout the movie. In every scene, the picture was blurred into a sort of vignette, most likely to show the difference between these “dreams” and the waking world.

It wasn’t very visually-striking, as it made it look awkward in contrast with the appearance of the rest of the film. This gave it more of a “network television” vibe than a “scary movie” vibe. Other than that, most things were visually immaculate. Getting the lighting down to perfection when there are candles in the room takes a high degree of skill. It was all very impressive. Director, Writer: J.M. Stelly The Demonologist

There was one visual that I had an issue with special effects. The best thing about a good thriller is that one can often shock and scare the viewer without using any over-the-top visuals (Cat People,1942, anyone?) and sometimes when one tries to do so without adequate resources, it comes out looking unrealistic or just plain cheesy. I understand that this can be a good thing; I love “camp”. I love “cheesy”.

That’s what makes a lot of movies palatable, for me, and for many other horror nerds. It’s the reason we watch 80’s B-movies on repeat. However, as someone who wears a heavy-duty silicone mask to work at a haunted attraction often, I couldn’t help but notice- and fixate on- the eyes that didn’t match some of the characters’ faces or the way their faces sometimes didn’t move naturally. If less effort to put the makeup over-the-top was made, and more effort was made to draw attention elsewhere, we would have had an absolutely golden film. Director, Writer: J.M. Stelly The Demonologist

In conclusion:

Despite some minor flaws and quirks, The Demonologist was a great movie. Without quirks, nothing in life would be too interesting. The cinematography and acting were great, and the story is one wild ride! I highly recommend that people buy it On Demand, kick back, and enjoy!



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