Devils Well, The, A Jumbled Documentary, Found-Footage Film

Devils Well, The Film Review Details, Kurt Spieler, The Devil's Well

Director: Kurt Spieler

Writer: Kurt Spieler

Release Date: January 23, 2018

Release Format: DVD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1 hr 28 min

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Karla Marks mysteriously vanishes while conducting a paranormal investigation with her husband into the Devil’s Well, an underground location reported to be a gateway straight into hell, and the site of ongoing strange phenomenon. A year after her disappearance, a group of investigators go back to uncover the truth about Karla, and are faced with evil forces greater than they ever imagined.

3. Overview, Kurt Spieler, The Devil's Well

The Devil’s Well has released on January 23, 2018, from WildEye Releasing. Written and directed by Kurt Spieler, this film is part Documentary, part Found-Footage, and part traditional movie.

The Cast

Bryan Manley Davis – Bryan Marks

Anne-Marie Mueschke – Karla Marks

Chris Viemeister – Lucas Baker

David Alexander – Kris Manners

Kristen Seavey – Riley Harper

The plot follows husband and wife Bryan and Karla Marks, who are paranormal investigators. During one of their investigations, their camera goes out, sending Bryan to get a replacement camera. When he returns, Karla has disappeared. Bryan hires a team of paranormal investigators and personnel to revisit The Devil’s Well hoping to find Karla, or at least some answers surrounding her disappearance. What they find is a fight for survival.

The Devil’s Well plays as part Documentary and part Found-Footage, which is a nice touch. Other paranormal investigators and industry people, including a psychic, discusses the disappearance of Karla Marks, Bryan’s sanity, and theories on the phenomenon. This provides the production a sense of, Kurt Spieler, The Devil's Well

2. Impressions, Kurt Spieler, The Devil's Well


The plot for The Devil’s Well has a lot of potentials. Few Found-Footage productions deliver the goods. The added Documentary filming heightens the experience for the viewer. It’s interesting to hear industry people share different opinions and theories on the startling case. Where this production falls short is in the execution, the cast performances, and practical and special effects.

The cast performances are not of great quality. Despite the cast members portraying roles of paranormal investigators and theorists, the performances did not resemble this and were not authentic. Practical and special effects were mediocre. Choice of wardrobe was not intimidating, for the antagonists, which were a strange group of masked people, who were a cult of some sort.

The score is a nice touch. It’s dark and eerie and adds intensity to an otherwise bland plot.

1. In Conclusion


The Devils Well falls weak in the production in many areas. One of the biggest disappointments is when a production states that it is based on true events or true stories, but that is far from the case. Early on in this film, it suggests that it is based on true events and states that The Devil’s Well is a real place. This is true. During my research, however, I found no story in relation to the film.

The Devil’s Well is located at the Ozark National Scenic Riverways in Missouri, and is known as Missouri’s largest underground lake. However, stories of Bryan and Karla Marks, or anything resembling the story I did not find.

The Devil’s Well was first explored in 1954 by Bill and Bob Wallace, brothers who owned the property at the time. In 1956, Ozark Geologist Jerry Vineyard explored the cave. In 2015, a team of cavers from the Cave Research Foundation explored the cave for the first time in decades.

Source: Springfield News-Leader


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