Dogged; Visuals, Narrative Make A Compelling Horror Thriller

Dogged Film Details Matthew Davies, Christina Rowntree, Richard Rowntree  Dogged


Richard Rowntree


Matthew Davies (screenplay)

Christina Rowntree  (story)

Richard Rowntree  (story by and screenplay)

Release Date:

October 2017 (Film Festival Circulation)

2018 (Release)

October 2017 (Film Festival Circulation)

2018 (Release)

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour 55 Minutes


When Sam returns home to the tidal island where he grew up to attend a funeral, he soon discovers that the seedy underbelly of this small community harbors more than just a few secrets.


San Antonio Horrific Film Festival 2017


Horrific Film Fest Trophy Best Actress
Debra Leigh-Taylor
Ash Mountain Films

Best Director
Richard Rowntree
Ash Mountain Films

Best Produced Film
Richard Rowntree
Lee Wignall
Christopher Foulser

Horrific Film Fest Trophy


Best Feature
Ash Mountain Films

Johnson Family Award Best Screenplay
Richard Rowntree
Ash Mountain Films

Best Actor
Philip Ridout
Ash Mountain Films (production company)

Best SFX
Gryphon Dambella (makeup artist)
Ash Mountain Films (production company)

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Film Production 

Dogged Principal Photography Begins, Spring 2017 Release

Trailer Release

Dogged Psychological Horror Debuts Teaser Trailer


Dogged stands as one of few indie Horror films offering artistic visual arrangements. Director Richard Rowntree delivers compelling drama. He succeeds by addressing different angles and shots variations. Casual viewers may not notice the B-footage used throughout the film. These are clips that either serves to bridge one shot with the next or reinforce a present scene. Rowntree makes considerable work of B-Footage to convey the stage presented. The following time stamp serves as prime examples of this analytical topic:

• 19:50 A power dynamic occurs during this performance. Daniel Jones, a predatory character corners Rachel Jones, his prey. From the high angle, the spectator in an instant feels the dominance expressed by Daniel. Likewise, the shot gives Rachel powerlessness and submissiveness.

• 34:15 This example emphasizes a sequence of angles and B-footage.                           To start, Rowntree opts for a fixed circular panning shot as Sam and Rachel entering a cafe. This approach to capturing the moment raises an intimate atmosphere between the personalities and the viewer. This relationship would not have success with a conventional front long shot. Introducing the interior of the cafe are a series of close-ups of between patrons as they dine.

• 1:30:00 This is one of the best shots, Rowntree composed an arrangement that synthesizes brilliant colored memory sets with a compelling plot reveal. Rowntree opens this act with a Dutch angle, the view somewhat out of focus. The effect expresses distress. Director: Richard Rowntree Dogged

If there is one highlight for Dogged it will have to be its inventiveness. The progressive actions, arcs, and conflicts have authority. These are all vital factors that influence a compelling film. Dogged, offers a casual paced Thriller that arrests attention. The common blueprint for films of this classification is the acute edge-of your-seat arrangements. There are exemptions. On the other side of the coin, steady pacing films receive varied receptions. The scarcity of action either are agreeable or not. For Dogged the harmony between calm moments and conflict are acceptable and fulfilling.

The writing team behind Dogged have taken great focus into establishing an absorbing film. Many components function together to foster a phenomenal brand of Horror. Out of the serious-themed movie genres, Drama best describes Dogged. The complex relationships between the characters become a prime reason behind this classification. A slate of sub-plots not only revolve but reinforce the fundamental topic. A Romeo and Juliet subtext, family conflicts, a mysterious secret serve as the multi-layered plot. There’s enough current in the storyline to keep viewers invested.

To add, the roster of characters traverse realism and this becomes key in Dogged. The storyline may not have resonated well if the social class of these personalities was higher. Imagine that, the film would have read as a soap opera vibe if that were the case.

Dogged does not offer intense visuals involving heavy makeup effects. These acts are few and when performed are well worth the wait. An incident comprising of a human sacrifice severs the casual stream of the film. The visual was unexpected yet delivers significant art value. Although gory this scene flowed well with the overall tone of the film.

Gryphon Dambella deserves high praise for the work on special effects makeup for Dogged.

Other scenes displaying makeup effects are not as gory and intense yet enhance believability. On a personal level, one scene offers powerful resonance. Megan, (depicted by actress Abigail Rylance-Sneddon) becomes encircled by her captors. Rowntree goes for a passionate shock by presenting a close-up shot of Megan. Here the viewer absorbs the tragedy across the young girl’s defeated expression. The makeup effects which are Bruises and dirt adds realism, emotional content. and the enhanced the situation ten fold. Matthew Davies, Christina Rowntree, Richard Rowntree  Dogged


The performances were not as polished. Sometimes reverberated with less than stellar moments. For these scenes, either the lines fell flat or the sentimental content behind said delivery lacked emphasis. Although noticeable the B-Movie form of acting wasn’t a continuous presence. In fact, these moments were few. Overall the performances were above satisfactory.

The scare factor was tame. In place of jump scares and hunter versus prey elements are subtle degrees of uncertainty. This is not a considerable negative. Yet, for some audiences Dogged would seem as a slow boiler. For this topic, it is a matter of particular preference in Horror, Thriller. Matthew Davies, Christina Rowntree, Richard Rowntree  Dogged

Viewing Experience

Dogged stands as 2017’s best indie psychological Thriller. The Horror element establishes a commanding personality in the final act. This approach becomes a worthwhile wait. Rowntree’s talents reflect exceptional skill as the director. The compositions and color palette make the film a visual masterpiece.

Another commendable approach to Dogged is the color palette used. The colors express a retro-inspired mood. A harsher tint helps distinguish current developments with dream sequences. This is uncommon because black and white or sepia palettes are the norm for flashback episodes. Rowntree thinks outside the box and in turn, makes Dogged a different Horror, Thriller.

From a narrative stand point, Dogged delivers a complex set of story arcs with each character structured with a complexity and respectability.

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Originality / Redefining
95 %
95 %
Practical Effects
90 %
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70 %
Special Effects
5 %
Viewing Experience
90 %
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