Doll Film Details 

Director: Cory Pratt

Writer: Cory Pratt

Release Date: 2017

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Drama

Running Time: 20 min


Unbeknown to his coworkers, a timid school janitor explores an alternate persona through a transformative nightly ritual.


On the words from writer and director Cory Pratt, his short film Doll tells this story: Smitten with his coworker, a timid janitor struggles to connect while harboring a big secret; he performs his nightly duties dressed in a fetish rubber suit.
Sounds interesting enough, right? It is, but If you’re expecting for the film to actually scare you, you’re in for a big loss, and that’s why I wanted to start this review by saying that Doll isn’t a horror film. It’s more of an indie drama. Cory Pratt Doll


Doll starts up with us following a shy school janitor named Curt doing his job and being ignored by almost everyone at school. It’s interesting that we’re actually following his story, almost like the janitor is sharing his version of his life directly with us. It keeps us close to him, putting him in the victim position, showing us in his own way that he needs attention; and it works, because Pratt did obviously an amazing job sharing that with us.

Curt seems to have a love interested with one of his colleagues, by going to her classroom every day and sharing some weird eye contact with her. He doesn’t seem to have the opportunity to ask her out or to simply tell her how he feels about her. Ultimately Curt disguises himself as a living female doll after school where everyone is already home to their families. Curt decides to go to the school wearing an outfit different each day with a very creepy mask of an unexpressive doll on his face and he finally puts in motion his deepest fantasies and secrets out to the world where no one can see him. One day his love interest seems to be in school at the same time when disguised-Curt is dancing and cleaning the gym. Their confrontation is the most important scene of the film and both actors shine.

Doll is as simple as this, Pratt is sharing with us Curt’s deepest fantasies and his difficulty to open up his own obsessions or urges with someone he actually cares about.
At some point, I was expecting some thrilling scene with blood or something that would put Doll on the horror category but it didn’t happen. I’m not saying it is a bad film or anything, I actually enjoyed it a lot and the janitor dressing up as a doll is pretty much horrifying; so in a way, it is a disturbing little film. It makes you think and puts you in a weird position where you seem to be nude in front of everyone like the typical nightmare you once had.

In Conclusion:

Doll works an indie drama more than horror but has an important message and tone attached to it that makes it disturbing enough to keep you awake at night.


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