E-Demon: Fresh, Invigorating. Lacks Psychological Substance

E-Demon: Film Review Details DecayMag.com, Jeremy Wetcher, E-Demon

Director: Jeremy Wetcher

Writer: Jeremy Wetcher

Release Date: September 14, 2018

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Running Time: 1 hr 26 min

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The e-DEMON recording is a wake-up call to understand the truth of what’s happening to our world ever since the ruthless e-DEMON was accidentally released from its prison. Witness that first night of demonic possession as it unfolds documented in this recorded video-chat. Released into our era, the manipulative demon is able to use modern technology to speed up the possession process. Watching this web-recording is a heart-pounding, roller-coaster of an experience, but remember this a human story because real flesh and blood people died that night. Be on the lookout. The e-DEMON twists reality into a living nightmare of manipulation. As this recorded video-chat documents, it builds in waves of growing tensions as it spirals inward engulfing its victim until they don’t know what is real or who to trust including loved ones, paramedics, the police and more. Watch to learn the truth of what really happened that infamous night now dubbed “The Quad Murders” by the media. In the e-DEMON .

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E-Demon released on September 14, 2018. This Drama, Horror, Thriller centers on a group of friends who engage in FaceTime video chat. As the film progresses, what is witnessed on their computer screens is a nightmare unfolding before their eyes.

The Cast

Julia Kelly……Kendra Deidrick

John Anthony Wylliams……Dwayne Booker

Christopher Daftsios……A.J. Spencer

Ryan Redebaugh……Mar Petruso

Lindsay Goranson……Fawn Fitzpatrick

Jessica Renee Russell……Suzie Petruso

DecayMag.com, Jeremy Wetcher, E-Demon


e-Demon is a great concept that lacks parallel direction. The viewer is seeing everything on the screens of the computers, so it makes the film fall under the Found-Footage genre. Despite my disinterest in Found-Footage, this is a good choice for the nature film, which is to reveal the viral demon and the truth about what happened during The Quad Murders. This unleashed from The e-Demon Resistance Network.

e-Demon starts off slow. The group of friends catching up over FaceTime video chat. Viewers can see what goes on in each person’s surroundings and their personal lives. As the film progresses, normal activities take an awkward turn. Going further, we take a journey down the rabbit hole as things become intense. There is a faint chant which is the demon.

DecayMag.com, Jeremy Wetcher, E-Demon

Films revolving around supernatural and spiritual presences and entities are a popular trend. However, viral entities don’t frequent as much. Levan Gabriadze came out with a similar concept in Unfriended (2014), and this holds psychological substance over Wetcher’s e-Demon. Sitting watching people play catch-up over video chat lost its appeal about 10 minutes in, yet this goes on for about the first half of the film before things progress.

Normal computer viruses take a dark and unpleasant turn as the viral demon inhabits the homes of its victims and possess them. This makes the possessed commit violent acts upon their family members. This concept is still fresh in the demon possession genre. It’s heavy in the Drama and Thriller categories, but it lacks in the Horror category. The news clippings and video chat sessions give the film a genuine feel. The acts committed are a great quality in the special effects department.

In Conclusion

e-Demon is the unleashing of a viral demon that invades its victims’ homes and lives through a deadly online virus. This concept is fresh and invigorating, yet the film lacks psychological substance and Horror themes.DecayMag.com, Jeremy Wetcher, E-Demon


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