Earworm Plays A Melody of Dilemmas And Related Anguish

Earworm Film Details DecayMag.com Tara Price Earworm

Director: Tara Price     

Writer: Tara Price

Release Date:

Release Format: Film Festival Circulation

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror, Short

Running Time: 6 min.


A lonely man does battle with a relentless piece of music.


1. Overview:

DecayMag.com Tara Price Earworm

One trepidation I have when I lay my head to rest is the thought of some creepy crawler finding residence in my ear canal. This thought cements itself on urban legends, a cost of reading too many Horror stories during my youth. These tales are horrible, disgusting notions of body invading insects. Am sure many that are reading this article have run across tales of baby spiders bursting out from a victim’s cheek. I find it troubling that these urban legends are not works of imagination. There exists a medical television program that focuses on accounts where parasites have invaded the human body.

In Earworm Director, Screenwriter Tara Price plays a gut-wrenching composition based on a parasitic, its host, and one dreadful sleepless evening.

Actor Ernest Thomas executes a solo performance in the film Earworm. During my initial viewing, I couldn’t establish Thomas’ early acts. With a hasty search, the results off from IMDb revived my recollection. Thomas portrayed Roger ‘Raj’ Thomas in The 80 sitcom What’s Happening and What’s Happening Now! Ahh, nostalgia. Thomas has kept himself busy since the eighties amassing many roles in comedy themed productions.

2. Impressions:

DecayMag.com Tara Price Earworm

Thomas executed a remarkable performance. He presents a slate of complexity into his emotional content. This not a film about a man going psychotic, instead the exhibition is a metaphor for a problem, its elaboration and how it violates the mind. Thomas’s actions are deliberate, calculated in characterizing someone battles an inner dilemma. His portrait of an anguished individual would transition as a one-man three-act play. I felt swayed by Thomas’ degree of emotional substance. The plot for Earworm plays a well-tuned hidden message. Much as the puns peppered in this paragraph Price penned a commentary disguised beneath Horror.

Another winning component to this film lies with the cinematography and camera work. Providing a dim lit, bare-bones bedroom suggests the director/writer transmits impression of isolation. The environment communicated hints a theory, are audiences peering into someone’s subconsciousness. As the protagonist looks out the window, the light makes little sense given the deep evening/early morning hour. Yet, does the window not represent the eye of the soul? Price went the extra effort to capture close-ups of Thomas, strengthening his agony for the audience. A tormented soul?

Earworm stands solid as a film that reformulates the Horror genre. There are few productions that have delves into this creative avenue. To my recollection, there a handful of films providing in either a comparable context. I relished the narrative and movement in the storyline. There are plot holes, for example, the protagonist and the creepy crawler are void of description. Earworm best sums as a psychological Horror not to be missed!

DecayMag.com Tara Price Earworm

3. In Conclusion:

DecayMag.com Tara Price Earworm

Earworm is another attractive addition to Horror from a woman’s creative viewpoint. The genre was once male-influenced in creativity and innovative composition. Over the years a conversion has tilted to introduce many facets of culture. Latinos and African Americans are now experiencing a growth in the production phase of the genre. Typecast roles are diminishing and this comprises the bimbo buxom blonde running away from a serial killer. I appreciate this modern market of Horror films, strong in perspectives and illusion.

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Viewing Experience
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