Elly Brings Back Old School Home Invasion Thrillers

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Elly. Film Details.

Director: Jeff Seemann

Writer: Jeff Seemann

Release Date: 2016

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short/Horror

Running Time: 9min


Elly Albers is a shy film student in her second year at college. Trying to advance her standing in class, she agrees to take part in a found-footage horror film – and gets more horror than she expected.



Elly is a terrifying short film written and directed by Jeff Seemann.
Seemann had this to say about the film and its release:

“We were accepted by Nightmares Film Festival this year, one of the 21 festivals that have shown the film. To date, we have brought home 10 awards, including three trophies for Best Horror Short (Canton Film Festival in Canton, Ohio, Creeper Film Festival in San Antonio, and the KCT Indie Horror Festival in Indianapolis).

“Elly” has already been adapted into a feature-length film called “Final Cut”. That feature film already has a budget breakdown, investors, and two producers. There are also a pair of LA-based SAG actresses that are negotiating to be playing leading roles. It’s gaining a lot of traction, and we expect to shoot in late March.”

 Jeff Seemann; Elly Director, Writer

Cast Includes:

Sydney Vollmer … as Elly Albers

Jeff Seemann … as Professor Kedward

Nick Pirrmann … as The Intruder

Emily Eckhardt … as Emily

DecayMag.com, Elly, Jeff Seemann


Suffice to mention that I can’t wait to watch the full feature Final Cut! Elly has a bunch of elements to be even better in a full feature form.

The title “Elly” is a tribute to The Project of Blair Witch, since the lead characters are Elly and Professor Kedward, as a wink for the witch in the series. The film has a found footage element in it but it really isn’t the one you’ll remember after watching it…

Elly shares the story of a young shy student – Elly, who concedes to take part in a found-footage horror film as an experience. The film runs smoothly with only nine minutes long and right from the start point you’re attached to the character because of her natural interaction with the professor. The use of close-ups during dialogues and throughout the poignant scenes really stands out the performance of Vollmer which was overall very good.DecayMag.com, Elly, Jeff Seemann

The settings are ideal for the mood of the film and the cinematography really stands out with a precious use of lighting, principally in the scene where Elly opens the door at her place. The bright yellow light appearing from outside delivers the creepy moment, more than the sound editing itself, which was for me the only letdown. At first, I wasn’t understanding why she was petrified and while I figured it out after a bit, it left a taste of a letdown because I wasn’t at all anxious during the scene. It wasn’t an issue for the final enjoyment of the film, since the final scene is undoubtedly a standout point, with an effective climax that remembered me one of my favorites late 70s film When A Stranger Calls. With a resolution like that, I wanted to grab the film in my arms. The perfect ending.

In Conclusion:

Elly works out completely as a thriller and delivers chills in only 9 minutes long. If you’re into home invasion horror, you’ll cherish this little gem. You should check out for Seemann’s follow up feature that promises a strong storyline. Seemann’s Elly is unquestionably a film to look up to, with such minor budget he brought life to a subgenre that frequently fails or feels repetitive. Elly is a bright and creative short that delivers a beautiful homage to cult horror. Bravo, Elly’s team!DecayMag.com, Elly, Jeff Seemann


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