Eric Blue’s Beacon Point Offers Mystery Set in Wilderness

Eric Blue’s Beacon Point Film Details:

Director: Eric Blue

Writer: Eric BlueTraci Carroll

Release Date: 5 January 2016 (USA)

(Date based on, feature is not yet released)

Release Format: Video On Demand

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Thriller


A group of hikers lost on the Appalachian Trail stumble across an ancient secret that threatens their survival.


Most Horror and Sci-fi films find it’s source of inspiration from real life experience(s). This is the case for the film Beacon Point. Frightening circumstances befell director Eric Blue and his then girlfriend/ present wife, Karen.  Events unfolded during the evening of a camping excursion in 1994. The couple heard unexplained sounds within the abyss of the Great Smoky Mountains. These sounds were nothing identifiable as forest denizens or campers. The incident will later serve as the creative source for “Beacon Point”.

Beacon Point, is an independent film, a local production in the state of Georgia. The production team took the route as with most independent film ventures. Beacon Point sought and obtained funding from the general public. A forty-five (45) day Kickstarter campaign garnered twenty-four thousand dollar ($24,000). Donations went into various aspects of production costs.

Beacon Point is a Sci-fi, Thriller. The film offers visual aesthetics that parallel big budget major studio production. A fear of the unknown is the defining subject of this film. The writing team of Eric Blue and Traci Carroll are successful in creating paranoia. A perception to camping will conjure frights after watching this film. Beacon Point offers a rich narrative with well-constructed characters. Absent are cheesy acting and cartoonishly rendered threats. The highlight of the film is the use of subtlety in delivering aspects of the unknown. Eric Blue Beacon Point
Beacon Point is a suspenseful and terrifying journey across the Great Smoky Mountains


Eric Blue and Traci Carroll, the collaborative writing team offer a well-established narrative. Beacon Point is a superb conception merging aspects of Sci-fi and Thriller. The film does not deliver a basic narrative. Presented to the audience is a solid foundation of Mystery coupled with paranormal elements.

The opening scene to Act I seizes the viewer’s attention. After the sequence, questions surface towards the identity of the threat. What lurks within the abyss to the Appalachian Trail? Engagements between the characters in Act II conjure theories of the paranormal. Yet, Act III serves as center stage for the antagonistic force. Random sequences are triggered on-screen with subliminal delivery. Thus, it’s imperative for the viewer to keep a close eye for these vital clues. Eric Blue Beacon Point
A gruesome discovery

The characters were well written and offer traits that resonate with the audience. Well constructed backstories are provided for the primary characters. It’s important to note that the characters are devoid of clichéd overtones. None of the roles presented were disposable. Each entity serves a purpose within the story line.

Also, the cast was remarkable within their portrayals. Each actor offered a sense of realism with their interpretation. Although the delivery of dialogue is questionable, actions presented is above satisfactory.

Presented is a film constructed with quality in mind. Cinematography and special effects are superb in execution. Campy computer effects do not make an appearance in this film. Offered in dominance are scenes of the surrounding environment. The Appalachian panorama doesn’t serve as a simple backdrop. Each presentation of the scenes is an entity with characteristics of its own. Eric Blue Beacon Point
Someone is watching


Over the past three decades, women have served as a major component within Horror films. While the relentless antagonist is male driven, the opposition is the indomitable female lead. Many iconic Horror films feature strong female characters. The “damsel in distress” portfolio dissolved with the introduction of Slasher and exploitation films.

In Beacon Point, the character Zoe does not represent a strong female protagonist. Her actions are condemnable and are devoid of any leadership quality. Zoe’s initial act against an opposing male force stems from judgmental perception. The altercation and its end result define the character as farcical. Zoe sways with attractiveness rather than courageousness. This is an influence that would prove fatal within the latter part of the film. Also, Zoe is devoid of valuable skill sets.

Certain Horror film clichés rear its presence within the film. Non-functioning mobile phones make a cameo appearance. Unnecessary dialogue: “hello” and “who’s out there?” echo during tense filled moments. Eric Blue Beacon Point
We’re not alone. There’s something in the woods

Closing thought:

Beacon Point is an intriguing Sci-fi, Thriller. The film excels on story structure, satisfactory in acting and engaging Mystery. The female protagonists of this film are not developed to her full potential. Yet, this character doesn’t mar the value of the film.

Beacon Point offers cinematic quality in its professional execution. Eric Blue is successful in sharing his fear of the unknown during that fateful evening in 1994. Audiences will now be second-guessing plans on having that next camping trip.

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