Even Lambs Have Teeth Victims Fight Back With A Vengeance

Even Lambs Have Teeth Film DetailsDecayMag.com Terry Miles' Even Lambs Have Teeth

Director: Terry Miles

Writer: Terry Miles

Release Date: 2015, USA

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Thriller


Two young women terrorized by a group of small town psychos seek revenge on their tormentors.


DecayMag.com Terry Miles' Even Lambs Have TeethEven Lambs Have Teeth opens up with a group of friends, including our two starlets, Katie (Tiera Skovbye) and Sloane (Kristen Prout) playing a game, where they take all take a drug. Effects of the drug, there’s a moment of ecstasy. We then focus on Katie and Sloane.

They are getting ready to head off with Katie’s uncle, Jason, who is a detective for the FBI (however, he is on leave). They have plans to work on an organic farm so that they can raise money for a New York shopping trip.

Katie and Sloane’s bus to the organic farm doesn’t show up for another hour, so Uncle Jason leaves them at a diner, where they pass by time. They meet brothers Jed and Lucas, where they offer to drive the ladies to the farm so that they don’t have to take the bus.

After some hesitation, Katie and Sloane accept the ride. However, Jed and Lucas has other plans. They don’t take them directly to the farm. Instead, they take a detour to their family’s farm. Mother comes out and gives Katie and Sloane a warm greeting. She invites them inside and offers them pie.

After taking a bite of the pie, Katie and Sloane notice there is something off about it, and it is unveiled that this dysfunctional family has sinister intentions. They have been drugged, but they hastily attempt to flee from the deranged family before the drugs can take full effect. This, of course, fails, and Jed and Lucas catch up to them and carries their unconscious bodies back to the farm. And then, the real nightmare begins.

Katie and Sloane regain their consciousness to find that they have been chained up and held as a prisoner in the middle of nowhere deep in the woods. The area is so secluded that their screams and attempts to call for help are useless. What ensues is physical, sexual, and emotional torment as unknown visitors drop by periodically for a piece of the action. It is then when Katie and Sloane come terms with the terrifying truth that, not only have they been taken and trafficked, but that the whole town is in on it.


Victim dominance at it’s finest. Even Lambs Have Teeth is one count of human trafficking that turns the tables. Here, you have the story of two young women, who become victims of abduction and sex trafficking, only to inevitably turn the tables on their tormentors. After they have taken all they can take and become fed up, they use their intelligence to outsmart their captors and plan a grand final act of revenge.

One of the best abduction films since Taken, Even Lambs Have Teeth redefines the subculture with a fresh twist that will, hopefully, soon become a trend in horror cinema. We’re so used to victims in the abduction and trafficking subculture to just give up hope and fighting for freedom, that we inevitably assume how these films end. 9 times out of 10 our assumptions are right. We finally saw a turn in a new direction with Pierre Morel’s Taken (2008), where the abductee had the aid of her retired CIA agent father to come to her rescue.

Now, director Terry Miles builds off of this and heads in a new direction, with our abductees only being able to help themselves. Even with Katie’s FBI detective uncle on the prowl for them, he’s not having much luck being on leave, and the people of the town are not much of any help, being that they are actually in on the terror. But Katie and Sloane prove that they are more than gorgeous looks. Even Lambs Have Teeth proves that there is more to the horror genre than ridiculous cinematic cliches.

DecayMag.com Terry Miles' Even Lambs Have Teeth


There’s not much of a scare factor in Even Lambs Have Teeth. Just the ordinary visual and mental nightmare that Katie and Sloane endure, being victims of abduction and sex trafficking.

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