Fate, Cinematography, CGI Are Admirable

Fate Film Details DecayMag.com. Dan Sheldon, Michael King, Self Destruct Films. Fate

Director: Dan Sheldon

Writer: Dan Sheldon, Michael King

Release Date: August 15, 2017

Release Format: Cinemas, VOD

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Running Time: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes


After the government shuts down his project on time travel, a brilliant quantum physicist must find a way to continue his research in order to travel back in time and prevent his fiance from being killed.


Fate will release in limited theaters on August 15, 2017. Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller is produced by Self Destruct Films. Outlets it will release to are;

Digital HD

Google Play

Vimeo on Demand

The cast

Connor Hughes visits his past self to as a warning. The time machine he’s been working on will become a success. However, the government will seize it. Also, his fiancee, April will get killed.

Connor must travel back in time to prevent this from happening. During this adventure, he finds himself tracked down by government officials who put an end to his operation. It is a race against time for survival.

DecayMag.com. Dan Sheldon, Michael King, Self Destruct Films. Fate

Connor Hughes (portrayed by Daniel Bonjour) and his team, Jonas (portrayed by Jerry Hoffman) and Julia (portrayed by Laura Shields) are trying to find a method to prove to people that time travel is possible. Every time they fail to prove the theory, their financial sponsor, Agent Spencer (portrayed by Marshal Hilton) threatens them that will lose their sponsorship, grants, and financial support.

Agent Spencer has other plans in mind he doesn’t reveal until Conor and his team crack the code. They never intended for them to reach success and prove time travel. Now they have found the correct formula and become a high risk if this information gets out to the public.

During these legal confrontations, Connor’s romantic life with his fiancee, April (portrayed by Anne Clare Lush) is taking an emotional toll when he misses out on important dates with her. After witnessing his assistant, Julia seducing him, April becomes distraught and storms away. This cause a fatal car accident that results in her passing.

After this, Connor becomes remorseful and remains determined to finish his project with time travel. This time, the business matter is personal to change time, bring his fiancee back. After several unsuccessful attempts, he fatefully realizes that even time travel cannot change what’s already done, April’s fate becomes set in stone.

DecayMag.com. Dan Sheldon, Michael King, Self Destruct Films. Fate


This theme will always be a great concept. It’s because of the mystery of it causes great curiosity. The “what if” scenarios, and what to expect.

The cinematography in time travel films is visually stunning. This is the case in Fate. Camera effects and special effects go hand-in-hand here. The camera lighting and tone is vibrant and the angles are focused. The CGI effects of the time machine are beautiful.

The score is selections of peaceful, melodic, and dramatic music with some dramatic theatrical sounds throughout. Colin Cameron composed the music.

Fate has a familiar plot. Maybe because a lot of time travel films nowadays have a similar plot, so when you watch one, you are thinking of another. What comes to mind here is Counter Clockwise (directed by George Moïse). The difference is the antagonists, which were drug dealers rather than government officials.

The costume and makeup selections appear simple, just the right style for this film.

I love time travel films. The plots are good, but it’s the cinematography and special effects that capture my attention the most. Fate soars in many areas. Not to mention the musical score which is amazing.

DecayMag.com. Dan Sheldon, Michael King, Self Destruct Films. Fate


The cast performances are bland. However, Marshal Hilton does well as Agent Spencer. He pulls off a pretty intimidating antagonist. Government official makes for intimidating characters because of affirmative action to the problem. What Connor faces is the government on his case and threatening to disrupt and close down his business. The power to do anything is out of his hands given the authoritative figure and the risk any drastic actions can cause him.

This film is not a jump scare and doesn’t have a scare at all. It’s more of a Suspense, Thriller. Time travel films are not scary unless the plot extends to an unknown creature or entity in the next dimension.

DecayMag.com. Dan Sheldon, Michael King, Self Destruct Films. Fate

In Conclusion

Fate succeeds with beautiful cinematography and musical score to accompany it. The proposed challenge, the antagonist, and the struggle for action makes it a film worth checking out. Although, the story is familiar and the cast performances are bland.

Fate lives up to the hype of the movie trailer including a great deal of suspense. The film does not wander or linger for too long which is a good thing. With cinematography and special effects, it’s just as hoped, as shown in the trailer.

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