Son, The. Father, The. Showcases A Distant, Distraught Family

Son,The. The Father. Film Details Lukas Hassel, Hollyshorts Studio. The Father, The Son

Director: Lukas Hassel

Writer: Lukas Hassel

Release Date: August 10, 2017

Release Format: Film Festival

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Genre: Short, Drama, Horror

Running Time: 13 Minutes


The event on a young boy’s birthday has consequences far into the future for himself and his family.

1. Overview Lukas Hassel, Hollyshorts Studio. The Father, The Son

 The Son, The Father premiered at the Hollyshorts Film Festival on August 10, 2017. Produced by Mighty Tripod Productions, Bear Bear Productions, Evil Slave, Abundant Productions, and Hollyshorts Studio.

The Cast

Ben Andrews – Guard

Colleen Carey – Mother

Christopher Morson – Luke

Lukas Hassel – Father

Young Luke comes home from school on his birthday to find his Mother lying unconscious on the floor. He thinks it’s a suicide and becomes distraught. Luke’s mother surprises him by getting up, insisting it was only a joke. She then scolds him for not having a more crucial reaction and response to the situation.

Later that evening, Luke returns the prank by pretending to kill himself. When his mother notices his unconscious body and a fresh knife wound on his arm, she panics and has a heart attack. Luke then gets up and sees Mother lying unconscious on the floor again. Thinking it’s serious, he panics again. Only for his mother to jump up, laughing at him. This does not end well for a, rather, fed up Luke.

Fast-forward ten years later, Father has been in prison, serving time after he takes the blame for the incident that has transpired years ago. While older Luke remains a free man, he has become a glutton for violence and crime.

2. Impressions Lukas Hassel, Hollyshorts Studio. The Father, The Son

 The Son, The Father has an intriguing concept. It shows a family that is distant and distraught but they try to hide it by other means. For the Mother, its alcoholic drinking and playing pranks on her son, Luke. He is also nervous and eager to where anything that sets him off triggers instant extreme reactions. The Father, from my observation, is a hard-working man. He is angry of what the family has become, but he tries to void it out. He may even find his happy place at work or anywhere outside of the home.

The cast does well in their roles. Lucas Oktay portrays young Luke, and he does a great job at showing distraught. This transfers to madness, and you can see the transition in him, but the viewer becomes more sympathetic considering the cause of his anger.

Colleen Carey plays an obnoxious mother. Her pranks go overboard to where it’s traumatizing for young Luke. He soon grows weary and snaps.

Christopher Morson portrays Luke ten years later. After an entire decade, the trauma has stayed with him, and he has become sinister. Playing dead has given him a newfound lust that may have hidden in him for a long time. It’s only unleashed at the ill-doing of his Mother. She has awakened an evil within him. He also suffers from illusions of his Mother, causing him to pursue a relentless crime spree. Lukas Hassel, Hollyshorts Studio. The Father, The Son

The film gives off a psychological disturbance. When you witness young Luke, who seemed like a sweet kid, transform into a relentless serial killer. He also has no sympathy that his Father has taken the punishment for his crime. The camera angles are the center and focused on the subject. This gives off more of an intimate setting. The lighting is dim. This fits well with the dark nature of the film. This is all set off by a dark and eerie background score, which is comprised dramatic theatrical sounds.

The quality of the special effects is great. The fresh wound the young Luke makes using makeup is spot-on. I, myself am convinced and thought this kid had a dark side that his parents didn’t know about. The wardrobe is great in depicting the everyday family.

3. In Conclusion

 The Son, The Father has an amazing concept. The film lacks backstories to show what led to the dire situations the family is suffering in the present. Background score is a great accompaniment, for key scenes. Cast bring their characters to life and the transitions are smooth.

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