Foet, Retro Feel Atmospheric Perfect

Foet Film Details

Director: Ian Fischer

Writer: Ian Fischer

Genre: Horror

Running time: 15 Minutes


Bored pro-life housewife falls in love with the latest fashion trend to hit Manhattan: Foetal skin purses.


Imagine Sex and the City meeting Ed Gein and then imagine that they somehow had a baby. Did you get that image? Even as disturbing as it is this is what Ian Fischer’s award-winning horror short FOET would be the outcome! Based on the short story by F. Paul Wilson FOET is an intriguing watch into the lives of bored housewives hungrily searching for the next big thing on the market. Ian Fischer Foet

In this, 14 minute short the women have no trouble when it comes to showing off the latest fashion trends that happen to be circulating Manhattan. Foet is a disturbing tale of what happens when a new trend becomes so popular that it seeps its way into the mind of weak, desperate women who want nothing more than to stay hot and on top but most importantly, relevant!

Foet is about trendy women sipping caramel macchiato somewhere in downtown Manhattan chit-chatting away about how they want to own aborted foetus skinned bags. Pretty gruesome right?

What I really enjoyed about Foet was the overall style the film was shot in. The old Foet 1990’s esque feel fit the atmosphere perfectly and even though the film itself wasn’t a typical jump scare horror I can appreciate this short more for simply portraying horror by the way of wearing a dead foetus on your arm.

The acting was particularly good for a horror short and I found myself being pulled into the plot as the goriness sucked me in. I love disturbing shorts like this so Ian Fischer’s Foet has definitely won me over!

A sickening take on what goes on in the world of fashion lovers, Foet is not a short to be missed if you are looking for something to twist your stomach into knots! Ian Fischer Foet



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