Friendsgiving, An Appetizer of Dark Comedy, Horror

Friendsgiving Film Details Friendsgiving Sean Richard Budde, Samantha Kolesnik

Director: Samantha Kolesnik

Writer: Sean Richard BuddeSamantha Kolesnik

Release Date: 2018

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short, Horror

Running Time: 6 min 28 sec

Social Networking: Facebook


A young woman attends a Friendsgiving party hosted by refined cannibals.



Friendsgiving becomes an entertaining appetizer for the viewer. As with most short films, the character context gets sacrificed to accommodate the running time. Audiences may prefer to delve further into the backstory to each individual in the story. Yet, the writing team behind Friendsgiving used the six (6) minutes duration of the film to establish and project a dark yet quirky external conflict.

A straight to the point plot involves an unsuspecting victim joining a group of cannibals for a holiday dinner. The audience may feel acquainted with the similarity in this storyline but Budde and Kolesnik add their unique perspective to the production. The level of suspense felt predictable but its jabs were effective and unlike most Horror films the final reveal in Friendsgiving didn’t connect with a strong right hook.

Once the conflict was revealed I had expected a shocking twist or a spectacle of carnage in the final frame. Budde and Kolesnik make screenwriting look easy but Friendsgiving has the intricate flow of a short story converted adapted to film. Friendgiving Sean Richard Budde, Samantha Kolesnik

As the director, Kolesnik does what she does best, and that is to present a fascinating visual story. Henrik A. Meyer adds the correct mood with his contribution to cinematography. The performances were satisfactory, each performer conveyed an appropriate emotional context. Although more realism with shock and expressions needed emphasis, in particular when the victim makes a surprising appearance. Friendsgiving may not convey the tone Tobe Hooper presented at his dinner get-together but a frighting action deserves a fitting reaction.

In conclusion

Friendsgiving stands in a class of its own with its own brand of Horror and holiday cheer. Kolesnik displays a professional touch when it comes to directing. Is a pleasure to see the evolution of her craft in every film she delivers. The tone for Friendsgiving delivers a different feel in comparison to Kolesnik’s previous works. In her latest film, there’s humor, there’s tension an appetizer as flavorful as an empanada. Yet, there’s more to be desired, in particular with the character background. In this area, Friendsgiving is not as filling as a side of pasteles.

Practical effects and scare factor are not a part of this six-minute short film and its presence is not missed. Overall the viewing experience is a pleasant one, a film I’d appreciate in a longer installment. There is much to explore in this story.


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