Gage Brinley’s Child’s Play 

Gage Brinley’s Child’s Play film details 

Gage Brinley Director:

Writer: Gage Brinley

Release Date: August 11, 2016

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Short


A woman becomes obsessed with trying to make her two dolls come to life, what she doesn’t realize is that she has awakened two evil spirits that enter the dolls.

Overview Gage Brinley, Demented Pictures. Child's Play FAN FilmGage Brinley and Demented Pictures brings us a re-imagined Horror short film, inspired by the classic 1988 Child’s Play, directed by Tom Holland. The 3-minute film is inspired by a fan and made for fans of the franchise.

The Child’s Play fan film looks to take a spin-off from the fourth installment rather than the first installment. The woman portrays Carrie Lee Ray, who wants to bring the dolls, Chucky and Tiffany alive.

Of course fans of the franchise are already fully aware of this inspired scene in Bride of Chucky, where Jennifer Tilly finds Chucky, stitches him back to health, and tries to bring him back alive. In the process of doing so, she accidentally turns herself into the doll, Tiffany, and become Chucky’s partner in crime.

In the fan film, Carrie Lee Ray is adjacent to the serial killer in the Child’s Play franchise, Charles Lee Ray. She wants to bring both Chucky and Tiffany alive. Her character is obsessive and deranged.


Gage Brinley does a decent job in re-imagining the classic film for fans. The plot is very familiar and sticks to the original storyline, with a little twist.


The film was too short to draw any kind of response or emotion. It felt more like a teaser clip or a trailer rather than an actual short film. The average timeframe for a short film is usually between 15 and 30 minutes. Long enough to draw conclusions. Brinley’s film leaves you hanging and wondering before it abruptly ends.

In conclusion

Gage Brinley is a 16-year-old aspiring filmmaker. For two years he’s been reinventing and reimagining Horror films, as well as some original works of his own. To watch them all and show support to an aspiring indie filmmaker, check out his personal YouTube.

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