Get Out, Horrors Are not Black and White in Peele’s Narrative

Get Out, Jordan Peele: Film Details Jordan Peele, Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions. Get Out

Director: Jordan Peele

Writer: Jordan Peele

Release Date: February 24, 2017

Release Format: Theatrical

MPAA Rating: Rated R

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 1 Hour, 43 Minutes


A young African American man visits his white girlfriend’s family estate where he learns that many of its residents, who are black, have gone missing, and he soon learns the horrible truth when another frantic African-American warns him to “get out”. He soon learns this is easier said than done.


Get Out is nearing its theatrical release on February 24, 2017. Jordan Peele directed and wrote this Horror film. Jordan Peele’s film is the latest production from Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions.

The cast stars Allison Williams, Daniel Kaluuya, Lakeith Stanfield, Bradley Whitford, Catherine Keener, and Caleb Landry Jones.

Daniel Kaluuya portrays Chris, a young man prepping for a weekend trip to his girlfriend, Rose. Allison Williams portrays the role of Rose. The couple head to Rose’s family’s estate with Chris meeting her family for the first time. At first, he has some reservations about his race being an issue. Chris accepts Rose’s reassurance and goes on the trip.

When they arrive at her family’s isolated house, Chris feels unsafe. He picks up on Rose’s family’s demeanor and attitude towards him. Yet, he keeps ignoring the signs.

Catherine Keener portrays Missy, Rose’s mother. After Misty hypnotizes Chris. He becomes subjected to a blurred consciousness, hazy hallucinations, and eerie dreams. When he attempts to leave, the real hidden agenda of the family comes into focus. He must fight for his life. Jordan Peele, Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions. Get Out


As the synopsis suggests Get Out is about an interracial couple, it delves much more than that. To be honest, it was a great marketing ploy, as well as the trailer. It makes the viewer think it’s about racism.

At least, this is my understanding according to the opinions of others. Yet, when you watch the film, you will see there’s a deeper underlying story and message. The plot has nothing to do with racism.

The acting – the entire cast – was amazing. Daniel Kaluuya has this subtle and calm demeanor. Yet, he is very observant of everyone and everything, so he has his guard up. Chris is so calm when he should be losing his mind given his circumstance. That becomes what I love about his character and the way Kaluuya portrays it.

Now, usually, this would turn the viewer off. This off-brand acting that doesn’t seem genuine. Yet, this works for this film when you see it unfold. Jordan Peele, Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions. Get Out

Allison Williams plays the role of the innocent, supportive, protective girlfriend. The character turns batshit crazy very well. She’s the one you never suspect because she’s so sweet and manipulative, and so darn adorable.

This also goes for her family. Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, and Caleb Landry Jones all play a role in the innocent, supportive family turned psychotic very well.

LilRel Howery plays a security guard and Chris’ best friend. He brings the comedic relief throughout the film.


There were times the film lagged throughout, but briefly. Jordan Peele, Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions. Get Out

In Conclusion

Get Out is creative, innovative, and refreshing. The story is original. The acting is outstanding. The film starts out pretty intense. There is a few jump scares throughout the film, but none of the cheesy jump scares that you see in a lot of films today. It lags here and there, but nothing disappointing.

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