Giant Killer Hogs, Single Serving Creature Feature With Familiar TyTrimmings

Giant Killer Hogs Short Film DetailsDayan Paul, Sheldon I. Altfeld, Jobe Pilgrim. Giant Killer Hogs


Dayan Paul

Sheldon I. Altfeld

Jobe Pilgrim


Dayan Paul

Release Date:


Release Format: Streaming

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Not Rated



Action, Comedy, Short

Running Time: 9 Minutes, 40 Seconds


Devin brings his girlfriend on an all weekend beer bash camping trip, and plans to propose to her, but his timing is bad when their campsite gets invaded by giant killer hogs.


1. Overview Director(s): Dayan Paul, Sheldon I. Altfeld, Jobe Pilgrim Writer: Dayan Paul Giant Killer Hogs

Giant Killer Hogs is being turned into a full-length feature film. The short feature production was made to introduce the characters from the award-winning feature length screenplay.

The cast

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A group of couples and friends are out partying at a campsite. Their night of fun quickly turns into a night of terror when they are preyed on by giant homicidal hogs.

2. Pros Director(s): Dayan Paul, Sheldon I. Altfeld, Jobe Pilgrim Writer: Dayan Paul Giant Killer Hogs

The camera angles are up-close and personal on each subject. With the tone and lighting being vibrant the cinematography appears well executed. Likewise, I personally feel a Found Footage technique would have been a better choice and would have even heightened the intensity of the film.

This story is not new. It’s the base of all, if not, most Creature Feature films. Even the theme of killer hogs is familiar. What sets Giant Killer Hogs apart from like-minded films is its ability to shape its own path. There have been films where the antagonists are deformed. There have been films were protagonists were “re-created” and turned into inhuman or superhuman antagonists.

Then you have the antagonists in Giant Killer Hogs, which are not only the hogs but also hog-people. This is an interesting twist, as the mind processes this and wonder about the backstory of these characters. However, no backstory are present in the short feature. Hopefully, this will all play out in the full-length feature production.

The score has drama but fun, upbeat compositions. Intense sounds scatter throughout that intensifies the experience.

3. Cons Director(s): Dayan Paul, Sheldon I. Altfeld, Jobe Pilgrim Writer: Dayan Paul Giant Killer Hogs

The cast performances are mediocre with characters that are also cliche. These are same group of people that you see in just about every like-minded film. From Creature Features to Slashers. The group of horny couples that venture off into the woods for a weekend of drinking, sex, and partying.

Excluding the main cast, the wardrobe selections are cliche. The three hot babes showing more skin than they should, being that this is taking place at a campsite. Naturally, this would call for more appropriate clothing on the main characters. These wardrobe selections did not fit the film. Also, this forces the general concept that sex sells. What is a teen scream flick without showing breasts and buttocks?

The special effects in Giant Killer Hogs are mediocre. In one scene, a hog appears in the darkness with glowing red eyes, and it looks more like a ghost or a hallucination. When the viewer sees one up-close, most of it is blocked out. It’s almost like a Found Footage film, when it teases you of a creature but never shows it, or doesn’t show it. This film is more like a tease. You also get a glimpse of the hog people, but enough to make them out. But you know that they are not human.

There some violent scenes throughout the feature, but they are drained out. Each violent scene gets introduced, then ends and fades into the next scene. Instead of seeing what’s happening, the viewer imagines the events or speculate the outcome.

Giant Killer Hogs has an intimidating title, and the synopsis gives the vibe that the feature will be scary. This is not the case. This due to the aforementioned point about scenes being cut short and the experience short-lived. The theatrical sounds and the sounds of the hogs is about as creepy as it gets. Director(s): Dayan Paul, Sheldon I. Altfeld, Jobe Pilgrim Writer: Dayan Paul Giant Killer Hogs

4. In Conclusion

Giant Killer Hogs has an awesome pitch. However, the execution lacks crucial elements to make the production complete. Being that this is an introductory short feature and the full-length feature is in the works, this sheds light that the story is not over.

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