Girls Night 2; Stalker, Nightmare Haunts In Horror Short

Girls Night 2 Film Details David Teixeira Girls Night 2

Director: David Teixeira

Writer: David Teixeira

Release Date: TBD

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror, Short

Running Time: 13 minutes 5 seconds

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One year after the deadly events of last year’s Halloween, Jess (Marina de Sousa) keeps having the same nightmare over and over where she finds herself helpless in front of a masked killer. Her friend Pierre (Vincent Conty) invites her to spend some time with him at his house and decides to throw a cozy and innocent pajama party to try to keep her mind occupied. While her nightmares seem to be getting intense by the minute, Jess can’t shake the idea that the killer may be back to pay her a visit.


Filmmaker David Texeira made his Horror directorial debut on March 25th, 2017 with the thirteen minute short Girls Night, a unique perspective on the slasher theme. Texeira returns one year later with an immediate follow-up sequel.

As with most sequels, the protagonist returning to contend with antagonistic forces. In this case, Actress Marina de Sousa reprises her role as Jess in Girls Night 2. David Teixeira Girls Night 2


Those acquainted with Girls Night will notice the adjustments made with the sequel’s technical prose. From behind the camera, Teixeira executed sophistication while he communicates his Horror craft. There are few layers of emotion conveyed in Girls Night 2 and this is on purpose.

Reserved are perceptions of apprehension, fear, and distrust. Teixeira provided tight close shots to express the above-noted views. I would favor the inclusion of Dutch angle and Dolly zoom shots to intensify the psychological facet. There is a drawback to the constant medium close camera angles. Visually, Girls Night 2 had a claustrophobic feel.

Teixeira made efficient usage of the ambient lighting and scene lighting. He used the conditions to hide the lurking menace. One perfect example to support my observation is the scene relating to Jess wandering into the dim-lit kitchen, chilling! David Teixeira Girls Night 2

I found Girls Night 2 had a more polished, cohesive narrative in contrast to the initial installment. The component at hand concentrates on a psychological disintegration, a state of vulnerability inflicted by a traumatic event. In comparison to the first film, the slasher aspect got promoted into the storyline with ease. Its this gradual presentation that addresses a sense of where the story is leading.

There weren’t plot holes per se, but the plot deserved more attention. What happened to Jess after the deplorable events the year prior? Although Teixeira illustrates the ghosts of her past, I was also curious about the police investigation. Also, the adversary was intransigent on his mission to stalk Jess. Why was this the case?

With the performances, I found the actors didn’t convey fright factor to good effect. Both performers had identical reactions when accosted with a gruesome sight. Aside from this Vincent Conty and Marina de Sousa had good chemistry with their communication exchanges.

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Girls Night Hosts A Creepy Slasher Party Massacre

The antagonist had a greater presence in Girls Night 2 and I appreciated the impact it has on the viewer. This foe attacks its victims both physically and mentally which is a distinctive technique in today’s landscape of slasher films. I also find the costume and its uncanny demeanor to be original in concept.

Practical effects weren’t a significant contributor in Girls Night 2 and neither was varying special effects. I enjoyed the range of music choices, each track built atmosphere and apprehension. David Teixeira Girls Night 2

In Conclusion

Girls Night 2 expresses a nice measure of psychological thriller elements. The slasher component although secondary developed into the star for ACT III. The extension of the Girls Night storyline needed a further look into the backstory. Am certain many would inquire what are the killer’s motives are. In addition, what is the story behind its outfit?

There was ample time for a deeper venture into the psychological drama. I would have favored a spotlight on Jess and her troubled state besides the imagery/ dreams tormenting her. Girls Night 2 would have moved well as a one-person act with focus extended toward a woman surviving in trepidation.


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