Girls Night Brings Slasher concept with Urban Legend Theme

Girls Night Film Details David Teixeira Girls Night

Director: David Teixeira

Writer: David Teixeira

Release Date: 25 March 2017 (USA)

Release Format: TBA

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 13 minutes


“Girls Night” is a short horror film that takes place in Halloween. Three girlfriends stay home for a slumber party that goes bloody wrong. Literally. David Teixeira Girls Night


Urban legends go in concert in Horror Cinema. These narratives differ in themes and interpretations and sometimes support an actual incident. Whether it is the metaphysical or a maniacal murderer these stories are time-tested. One popular urban legend passed throughout decades includes the curious toying with sorceries. Bloody Mary is the most common tale with many versions thereof. In these accounts, destiny does not work out well for the characters in the tale.

Filmmakers are forever pushing the envelope to draw new approaches to this idea. Although recyclable these class of myths does not have an impression of being cliche. This is the case with director David Teixeira’s latest film. Teixeira used elements of urban legend and slasher films with Girls Night.

After reading, the synopsis to Girls Night it raised interest. Curiosity settled on how multiple horror elements would entwine into a short time frame. David Teixeira Girls Night


The actresses conveyed a degree of informal interaction that appears genuine with between a group of friends. There wasn’t anything over dramatic with these performances. Yet, their convincing nature was satisfactory in communicating the chemistry required. As for the casting itself, the women displayed the quality of beauty not promoted with today’s cultural measures. Absent from the roster were typical modelesque statures.

Teixeira applied for impressive cinematic work. The film begins with noticeable creative angles to achieve the suspenseful mood. Yet, midway through Act II, a linear approach secured the scene. For example, during a dialogue between the women the camera did not produce a level of intimacy. However, a bridge between the characters and the audience didn’t feel lost. Teixeira does well in presenting the environment and transmits visual storytelling to its full potential.

The Practical effects were simplistic and we’re reserved in the latter portions of Act III. Simple make-up treatment and blood splatter where the appropriate choice for the gore Factor. One element that Girls Night convey is a sense of the uncanny blended into a Thriller with scare factor remaining minimal. David Teixeira Girls Night


Girls Night does little to produce a structured backstory for the antagonist. Although the character exhibits great eerieness there is insufficient information presented that establishes an aim or significance for murderous deeds. Maybe the allotted running period wasn’t satisfying to maintain in-depth presentation on multiple storylines. The audience would prefer indications on the identity of this homicidal being. This explanation does not express the literal but the allegorical. Doing so would entertain the viewer with structured information.

The build for the Horror element needed reorganization. That’s not to say the narrative wasn’t impactful. The urban legend component was present and so was the slasher element. Yet, Girls Night established one story and negated other. The impression was that an entity would meet the deranged assassin in a final climactic confrontation. David Teixeira Girls Night

Viewing experience

Girls Night does not venture into new content. Urban legend based films are frequent. However, Teixeira does well with giving a modern interpretation. This infusion needed a push to move a cohesive flowing design. These two principles would perform best in a full feature presentation. The ample running time would host an adequate platform for each story parts to prosper. The antagonist was void of dynamic development but overall had an iconic design.

Girls Night serves as a great template to build a series of exploration into different narratives. Teixeira can develop a franchise with ease based on the content provided.

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