God Inside My Ear, The. A Psychological Thriller With Quirky Creativity

God Inside My Ear, The Film Details 

Director: Joe Badon

Writer: Joe Badon

Release Date: TBA

Release Format: Film Festivals

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Sci Fi

Running Time: 1h 30min


After experiencing a peculiar and sudden breakup with her boyfriend, Elizia discovers a world of conspiracies, strange voices and horrifying visions.



Psychological Thrillers are fantastic forms of storytelling. The structure focuses on the protagonist going into a downward spiral of psychological duress. An infusion of the paranormal, the unexplained or another catalyst of the unknown are present in the plot. Depending on which supernatural component the writer adopts influences the complexity of the narrative. The viewer will ask themselves; “Is the protagonist harassed by his/her mind or the supernatural?”

In The God Inside My Ear, filmmaker Joe Badon goes into a different view with conventional psychological Thrillers. His visual narrative transverses many genres and caters to diverse audiences with ease. Absent is the pessimism and melancholy accompanied with the genre. In its place are humor, and quirkiness.

The God Inside My Ear will screen in film festivals in the 2018 calendar year.

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The performances presented in The God Inside My Ear introduce a level of dark comedic value making this film a genuine delight to watch. Actress Linnea Gregg steals the spotlight with her portrayal of the lead, Elizia. Gregg’s beauty arrests with her reserved geek-like poise. She further invites the viewer toward her character’s journey with a skilled conveyance. Gregg makes the character feel engaged and associates with real-world emotions. The staple to The God Inside My Ear revolves around a break-up and although the story goes to extremes Gregg’s character is someone viewers can relate to.

The God Inside My Ear was filmed with an inventive eye. Camera angles were outstanding and developed the story on a different level. Cinematographer Daniel Waghorne contributed with painting noteworthy backdrops. Overall Badon put together a talented team with each member showcasing their skill set on the project. Overall Badon delivers an unconventional production that reformulates the Psychological Thriller genre. Yet, the film may not appeal to audiences expecting to encounter a tension-filled, dark venture in Horror.

DecayMag.com Joe Badon The God Inside My Ear

The color palette and lit scenes presented in The God Inside My Ear negate any grasp of dread. Although the film presents a trip to the unknown it is not a frightening journey. Another point to mention is the peculiar tonality of Boden’s film, a specific brand of humor presented that may or may not be a factor of interest.

The writing is solid and basic. Sub-plots are few and draw into the main subject quick with the focus centered on one character. Other characters presented are single serving additions and have no substantial contribution other than one limited purpose. The nosey neighbor is a nosey neighbor, the alternative healing guru is nothing but and the telemarketer just comes across as a creepy caller. I would have appreciated more strength behind the diverse characters other than getting established in and away without a framework. Regarding the overall plot, Badon does outstanding work with producing a meaningful final act.

The God Inside My Ear has zero scare factor and this may or may not be a negative factor. It all depends on the viewer’s personal taste for psychological Thrillers. Yet, practical effects and special effects are not a highlight in Badon’s film.

DecayMag.com Joe Badon The God Inside My Ear

In conclusion

The God Inside My Ear includes many strong points and little low points. The presentation appeals, comedic wise, to an exclusive few but overall the film is absorbing for general audiences. Badon brings a distinctive light on a genre that often feels tired and commonplace. The main character bears a stable architecture and viewers crave to learn the result of her distressed situation. Too bad the secondary characters do not have as much emphasis.

The God Inside My Ear has many layers of interpretation and but overall I found the quirkiness and Gregg’s exceptional acting to be the highlights.



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