Good Tidings, Seasons Greetings with Bloodshed

Good Tidings Film Review

Director:  Stuart W. Stuart W. Bedford Giovanni Gentile Stu Jopia Good Tidings

Writer: Stuart W. Bedford, Giovanni Gentile
Stu Jopia

Release Date: December 2016 (US, UK)

Release Format: Video On Demand

MPAA Rating:  R

Genre:  Horror, Thriller

Running Time:


A homeless war-veteran with a chequered past must rely on a side of himself once thought buried when he and his companions are targeted by three vicious psychopaths wearing Santa suits on Christmas Day.


Good Tidings shines in almost every aspect of the production. The screenplay is a construct of simplicity. Also, fused within the narrative are many preexisting ideas found in the Horror genre. Using these composites the writing team crafted innovation, not imitation.

Good Tidings is a fresh and much-desired Horror cinematic experience. Presented are balances of violence and action sequences. Gruesome acts are dominant yet not overpowering. Blood and gore lure attention yet presented with strategic precision.

Cleverness finds inclusion with the visual direction. Intense scenes are best reserved for the viewer’s imagination. This commitment is a skillful tactic. Instead of blunt over the top effects the production team use mental imprinting.

Good Tidings is summed as follows;

“The new spate of home-invasion movies like The a Purge and The Strangers have huge influence on our movie too….”

“This movie is pure 70’s exploitation with 80’s sensibilities. So violence and gore are a must.”

Stu Jopia, Writer, Actor

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One of the highlights of the film is the superb camera work. The entire film takes place against one backdrop. Yet, the viewer will not feel claustrophobic within the confined edifice.

Employed are creative angles to ensure greatest visual effect. Whether it was a corridor or a storage closet. Director Stuart W. Bedford also worked wonders capturing action within tight quarters.

Good Tidings is a Horror film rich with practical effects. Andrew Savage of Savage SFX created some inventive scenes of carnage. Decapitations and mutilations have artistic prose. Scenes of murder and mayhem don’t transpire for impact. Each practical effect is in itself a part of the scene.

The acting is solid and believable. Most of the cast are disposable victims. For those with longer screentime, the viewer is awarded a sense of terror and despair. One scene, in particular, strikes a nerve. This exhibition centers on the psychological torture of character Mona O’Connor. The role is portrayed by Julia Walsh. Bravo.

As for the killers, the trio of psychopaths are ruthless and mysterious. There is a lack of compassion yet each act with deadly coordination. This is a true terror. It would not matter if the killers wore Santa suits or not. These individuals, this antagonizing force is a power obstacle to overcome. Stuart W. Bedford Giovanni Gentile Stu Jopia Good Tidings


The only concern revolves around the character, Roxy Muller lack of developmentThe stage was open for a female heroine to shine. Yet, her story is a side story approach.

Also, how the mental patients made their escape from the local facility is a mystery. The enigmatic trio remains as faceless killing machines. Although traits set the psychopaths apart it would have been of interest to have a backstory on them.

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