Grannys House, At:  Poor Quality, Filming Hinders Cinematography

Grannys House, At. Film Details Les Mahoney, At Granny's House

Director: Les Mahoney

Writer: Les Mahoney

Release Date: Now Available

Release Format: Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vimeo

Genre: Thriller

Running Time: 1 hr 23 min

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Marion Rogers (Granny), an elderly lady in the small town of Haley, reluctantly accepts the mysterious Rebecca Torrance as her live-in caregiver, but eventually the two form a strong friendship. Rebecca soon sells Granny on the idea of turning the house into a guest house for travelers looking for free accommodations., which, in turn, leads to revealing Rebecca’s dark and fatal secret. A strange love triangle forms when Rebecca and Ted, a guest at the house, fall in love. This leads to a violent confrontation that will forever change the lives of all the residents AT GRANNY’S HOUSE. A typical Midwest house. A sweet little old lady. When a caretaker moves in to help out, Granny’s House becomes a macabre place of death – and love.


3. Overview


At Granny’s House has released worldwide on Video on Demand. The platforms utilized are Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Vimeo. The Horror, Thriller is directed by Les Mahoney, who also pens the script. Produced by Les Mahoney, Tammy Ridenour, and Melissa Bazis.

The Cast

Bill Oberst Jr. (Death House, 2018) – Boarstag

Rachel Alig (Bikini Spring Break, 2012) – Rebecca Torrance

Laura Lee (Don’t Blink, 2017) – Linda Steiner

Les Mahoney (Available, 2016) – Ted Steiner

Glenda Morgan Brown (Angel, 2000) – Marion Rogers

The At Granny’s House trailer starts off slow and uneventful. As the clips progress, the mystery and foul play are suggestive. Not much conclusion established based on the trailer alone as it is minimal in its approach. This is a great strategy because it makes the viewer want to learn more.

2. Impressions


At Granny’s House centers Rebecca Torrance, who accepts a job as a caretaker for Marion Rogers, who is an elderly woman whom her son believes needs round the clock personal care and help, despite her disapproval. Rebecca opens Marion up to her company and put her mind and worries at ease.

She then suggests renting the house out to people looking for a place to stay for a brief time as they travel. Similar to a Bed and Breakfast, but free. At least, their financial accommodations are free. They pay in other ways. Here, lies Rebecca’s true intentions, which come to light. At first, Rebecca operates like a professional. Until she builds a love affair with one of her clients, and things get sloppy.

At first, Marion doesn’t suspect much aside from the fact that Rebecca seems a little too perfect and too good to be true. However, Marion is also forgetful and has a short-term memory, so a lot of her suspicions she pushes aside as she continues on about her day. Little does Rebecca know, Marion is not as absent-minded as she portrays to be. When clues align and she puts two-and-two together, Marion adapts to the situation and gains the upper hand in the circumstances.

At Granny’s House is a great concept that has the potential to develop much more than what it has. The story is redefining in the sense it involves a neat plot twist that isn’t expected. This peaked my interest. A similar plot twist takes place in the Horror, Mystery, Thriller Devil (John Erick Dowdle, 2010).

Plot twists in this day and age in cinema come few and in between, but I think they are a great strategy used to set the standards higher. In cinema entertainment, with an emphasis on Horror, concepts are at bay since the beginning, have long since played their role in the arena. Fast-forward over twelve decades into the future, just about every idea up under the sun accomplished. Now, the future of Horror cinema entertainment rests in the hands of original, innovative ideas and plot twists. Les Mahoney, At Granny's House

One factor that hinders Les Mahoney’s production is the cinematography, which is B-movie quality. That’s a contradictory statement if the film itself is a B-movie. However, I have seen quite a few B-movies that have had decent cinematography given the production crew has the funds for it. When you watch a film with such low-quality filming, such as At Granny’s House, there is the notion that the production crew didn’t have a big enough budget for higher-quality filming equipment.

Up-to-date technology in today’s cinema entertainment can make-or-break a production and is almost a necessity needed for success. This can be just as important as other key ingredients, such as a profound story, a great direction, and up-to-par acting. Along with the cinematography, the sound effects are parallel. The volume is great, but there is a hazy sound that is indescribable and is uncomfortable on the ears. This is a sound observed in many low-budget films and can be a recipe for disaster.


The one factor that can hinder a production is the cast performance. In actuality, it is the cast that makes or break a film. They are the top key ingredient to a successful production. They determine what kind of cinematic experiences the audiences will have. From the start of the film to the end credits, the audience is focusing on the people on the Les Mahoney, At Grannys House

They are under close observation; how well they portray their characters, can they reach their audience in such a way where they can connect with their characters on a mental and emotional level. This goes for the protagonist, the antagonist, and everyone in between, down to the extras. With a great cast performance, any other cons of the production become minor.

From the beginning stages of a film’s production, the audience is looking at who will be on the cast; they are researching the cast member’s filmography, looking at how good their talent and reputation is in cinema entertainment, researching if they’ve done any similar works to the role they are portraying. People have real live debates on who should play what role in a production. A great percentage of the rating a production gets goes into the quality of the cast performance. So, when a cast doesn’t perform at a decent quality, just that factor alone becomes the talk of the cinematic experience. Likewise, all the other cons of the production come into play. It’s like a domino effect.

1. In Conclusion


At Granny’s House is a potential concept that’s hindered by low-quality filming, B-movie quality cinematography, and a not so good cast performance. The deliverance of the production could be much better with a change in direction. There is a great plot twist that can expand more.


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